im not gripping just asking what all of you think yes or no, i vote yes we should wear them

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There are hundreds of youtube fire videos out there showing firefighters (vols and career) attacking car fires without scba. It would be very easy for young folk to think that is ok. The problem is, the kind of ignoramus who doesn't pack up for a car fire probably doesn't check out firefighting forums or websites either.

Ringold, I hope you can use this thread to show to the uneducated in your department that the answer is YES, wear the damn scba.

Ummm, Gregory, you made a spelling mistake in your post about correct spelling and grammar. You forgot the 'e' in use.
Perhaps you need further training too. :)
Thank you sir Ill put it to good use.
And I checked it, damn it to hell, perfection gone. But did you notice Ringgold15, is using capitals and whole sentences!
Very Good Rob!
Nice job! Maybe we all need to be a bit more patient with our young training officer - but on the other hand, this is not the girl guides or cub scouts.. if feelings get hurt trying to drive home the most critical of points, so be it. I won't be saying sorry for caring about fellow firefighters being taught (potentially wrong) by someone with few years and less experience. I do feel bad for the guy. He is put in a very difficult position, one that one day may find him liable for more than he bargained for or understood. But I do hope for the best. the way.... Magnesium I am betting! lol
Let's see-hhmmm, better health and longer life or possible cancer, lung problems, etc,etc. I vote SCBA YES !! Get in the truck, buckle in, and strap into your SCBA, if you need it you have it. If you dont need it, you can always stand down on it later. Better safe than sorry.
Jen if we are ALL working on the same page the "danger" will be can never be totally danger free due to the nature of our job...Please donot ever find excuses for not wearing the proper safety equipment...I don't see any areas for debate....There is to be a team (might be a team of one) dedicated solely to man a line and to have a dry chem extinguisher readily available....If you in a roadway there will be traffic control...if it is warranted then you will close the road down for safety....You apparatus will be parked in a blocking manner to provide safety for your crew. Every member operating withing 50 feet of the centerline of the road WILL have a safety vest on(exception is the hoseline team with airpacks) and last but not least....if you aren't actively working you will get your ass out of the immediate scene....we don't need 20 people standing around and 4 doing the work.....again...stay safe....Keep the Faith....Paul
Damn...My truck won't go that fast.....Ringold does that mean it won't work....? But I like the basic message........
I probably shouldn't even voice my opinion since it appears every is going to jump all over me, tell me I'm a bad fireman, and I have no "basic" fire training. haha
Not me.
Seeing that a simple piece of plastic that surrounds a headlight contains enough phosgene potential to kill you, I would garner a guess that it's common sense to wear your packs. Coming off the truck for just about every call but MVA your looking at wearing PROPER PPE including SCBA. Dress down when needed. Kind of a foolish topic to have a what do you think about.
pretty safe bet

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