I have a question regarding the bright lime green t-shirts called Safety Green and if they would be good for a MVA scene without wearing a high visibility vest. Could you wear one under the suspender straps of your bunker pants or be better safe than sorry wearing the high visibility vest?

My reason for the question is my FCCLA chapter for school got shirts in that color and i would be considering wearing that for MVA's plus my high vis vest. Please help!!!! Thanks.

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I would recommend referencing your departments SOP's  for that question and if it's not covered usually error on the side of caution and wear your high vis vest mainly because high vis garments have reflective characteristics and or reflective striping

I'm not sure what the laws are where you are; but here in NY if the road is not shut down you need a high visible vest. 

If your doing extrication, you'll have your coat on with vest over it.  Everything a person can do to increase safety is great. Wear the shirt. Wear the coat. Wear the vest.

Kaitlin, I think they said it pretty good here, wear the hi vis. vest OVER your turnout coat.. not under.. You should not be anywhere near an MVC without full turnout gear. Even with the hi vis stuff.. you can't fall into a false sense of security though. You can wear anything they say to wear...turnout gear, hi vis. vests and shirts, or a full coat of steel armour.,..but you still need to be alert EVERY SECOND while on the streets/roads. At most crashes..other motorists are pretty much mental..and easily distracted at all the commotion..and one wrong movement on your part could be fatal. Please be seen and stay alert.. always wear the reflective stuff and certainly never wear it under your coat.. stay safe...and keep asking questions.

My main point is visibility but i will still wear the vest over my coat, but when we get back to summer calls the bunker coat is too hot for nebraska summers and i wouldn't do extrication for a looong time. Yes i will still wear the vest but i wondered if it would be possible for a firefighter or emt not doing extrication to wear just the t-shirt. Sorry for not really making my point clear enough.

I have seen T-Shirts in high visibility green with reflective lettering and strips. Now it would a nice idea but you do need to wear turnout coat when working on the scene and have a vest over it.

Now the shirts could be a good thing when you don't have to wear a turnout coat for other reasons.

I have seen reflective suspender straps and portable radio straps. Glow in the dark stick on items for you helmets.

I think my nephew just bought glow in the dark shoe laces for his running shoes.

We have reflective stripes on our bunker gear.

In VA. you need State approved Safety Vest

Here and we are just small folks, we have orange vests with yellow reflective stripes that are hung up and over the bunker coats, so when you put on your coat, the vest is already on. The vest is also a tear-away, so if it is a fire and you don't need the vest, you simply "tear" it off and leave it on the rig. If it is an MVA, then you don't have to scurry. It's already on.

It's a little thing, but it's the little things that count.

Oh and it is NFPA approved under one of them standards.


Federal requirements require any personnel working on or near a federally funded highway to wear an ANSI 201 or 207 (cant remember) breakaway vest. the only exception was for direct firefighting (hose line crew) while actually extinguishing flames. I will try to find that and at it.

ANSI 207-2006 Standard for High-Visibility Public Safety Vests

What is the ANSI 207 Standard?

The new ANSI 207 standard is a visibility standard for safety vests worn by first responders. It does not apply to jackets, rainwear, pants or shirts like ANSI 107 can. It also does not apply to safety vests worn by utility and construction workers.

The breakthrough with ANSI 207 is that it specifies minimum performance and design requirements for safety vests to ensure appropriate visibility to moving vehicles while simultaneously minimizing interference with duty and gun belts. Law officers and paramedics have complained for years that they wanted ANSI 107 performance with their safety vests, but didn't like how they hung over their equipment, making it difficult to get critical self-defense and life-saving equipment quickly.

How does the ANSI 207 Standard compare to ANSI 107?

The key difference is that the ANSI 207 standard does not specify different levels of protection (Class 1, 2 or 3), like the ANSI 107 standard. A vest is either ANSI 207 certified or not. ANSI 207 certified vests are required to have at least 201 square inches of retro-reflective material (like Scotchlite, Reflexite etc.) and 450 square inches of hi-vis background fabric. This is the same amount of retro-reflective striping as ANSI 107 Class 2, and somewhere between class 1 and 2 of background fabric.

What does this mean for your agency?

State and local police have until November 24, 2008 to comply with the 23 CFR Part 634 mandate. While the federal mandate does not currently include the ANSI 207 standard, the Federal Highway Administration has already acknowledged the new standard and is in the process of amending the mandate so it includes all first responders.

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