Hey all I have a question! Do you think it's safe to run on the fire ground? The reason I asked is because I've seen and even read about a few injuries occurring.. If we're training as if it's a real call then why are we starting up bad habits "from what I was told and learned, we dont run on the fire ground" yeah we move with hast!! But running is not safe.. So what are y'all thoughts?

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This 40 year veteran say's there is no room for running on scene unless your saving your ass from collapse or pending explosion,Nor is it safe to run in station as the one to get injured is not necessarily just you.

You can't help others if you take yourself out in the process.

And the line officers should be setting the example. 

Perfect example right here from Allen: no running except from collapse or explosion. That's it, just can't do it. Allen, yes you can. Well, maybe not you, but I can, capcityff can, I'll bet some of those nitwits in other firefighting-cities-on-a-daily-basis can.

As I pointed out earlier, I've run a few times on the fireground.  There is no SOP against it and there is a HUGH difference between someone running from uber excitement/adrenaline rush and someone who is trying to accomplish something somewhat, oh I don't know...urgent.

Funny how the crowd splits into Yes you can when needed and No you can't ever, except from collapse/explosion.  One side appears flexible while the other side appears inflexible. By the time the other side has checked each FF for full, secured PPE, proper tools, assignments, accountability, physical health and emotional well being, wiped noses, tied shoe laces and gathered for a quick but rousing chorus of kumbaya, the incident will have sorted itself out.

That sums it up pretty nicely.

Well said Jack.

  Hoorah! Jack.

I agree, I even stated that I have run a few times on scenes and I have run on EMS scenes as well.  Lets face it, If Im looking at a brick wall leaning out about to fall on me, this fat ass will break olympic records for the 40 yard dash.

My point was running while performing routine fireground tasks like stretching a hand line, or putting up ladders or going to force open the front door or vent the windows.  Obviously in an emergency there will be running and I am all for it.  I hope you guys didnt think i would "walk with a purpose" when I saw a roof about to collapse on me! LOL

Stay Safe.

Well good luck with any future Chief exams and as always, stay safe.

I find it amazing that someone can read any type of emotion into a typewritten passage, but hey, I guess you have been blessed with that.

Im not emotional, I am having discussions with people, there are always two sides of the discussion and that is what forums like these are for, to discuss things.  I do not know what I did to anger you so much but I am not wasting any more time with it.  Im sorry if I made you upset, but this is the same "firehouse kitchen comments" I make all the time and everyone usually laughs and gives it right back to me.

I am not offended by peoples responses to my points, I am merely responding to them with further discussion and carrying my argument about the topic.  I dont TYPE IN BOLD all the time like I am mad or upset, and I word my responses carefully with no intentions of hurting anothers feelings, so I realy do not know why you keep "assuming" what my feelings are through these posts?  Especially after some of the rips you took at me in these and other topics.

Again the offer stands, give me a PM and I will give you my phone # and we can talk in real time and not take from this persons topic any more than we have.  I offer to talk to you in person and you refuse to...huh...I wonder why?  Your page doesnt offer any idea about your experience or training, it just has a bunch of joke comments, it makes me wonder if you are just someone hiding behind a screen name?  I have all of my info posted so others can verify or prove/disprove anything about me during these discussions and its all accurate.  I may be just a small town volunteer but I have pride in what I do and I am not afraid to show that pride.  Your insults mean nothing to me, and I wish you all the best of luck in the future with whatever you do in life.

Stay Safe.



You simply do not get it.  Your initial comments came across as insulting, not implying but clearly stating that my comments are ONLY for the sake of arguing or to be the devil's advocate, in other words, not true opinions, just something to rouse the rabble.  In writing those comments you dismiss whatever I have to say.

I am not angry, simply put off by your inability to actually comprehend what I have written, as well as by your complete obtuseness.  Until you can figure out that dismissing my comments was an insult you will continue to not get it.

Not sure what you mean by not typing in bold, unless your referencing my putting your quotes in bold; I do that to show what comment of yours I'm addressing at the moment.

I'm not assuming anything, I'm just going by what you write.  If you choose your words carefully then what you wrote was what you intended to say, and that being the case, it was insulting.

Too bad that my profile doesn't have enough information to satisfy you but I have no need to prove anything to anybody here, I've commented enough times, on enough 'tactical' issues that I don't believe that anyone thinks I'm not a firefighter.  Also my department has a clear ruling that prohibits us from identifying our department.  I'd rather follow that ruling than violate simply to keep you happy.  If you think I'm nothing but a meat puppet, fine by me.  And if you choose to disparage me because I don't provide enough information to be stalked that's really more your problem than it is mine.

Please show me the "rips" I took at you.  I've read some of your replies and you've followed up with an apology because you realized you over reacted; not unlike you are doing here.

And finally, just to show that you are the more likely one to argue just to argue, or to be the devil's advocate, let me point out that while you have clearly stated there is no reason to run on the fireground because it is dangerous, you then go right ahead and not only agree with a FF taking off his facepiece but then make the following (amazingly contradictory statement to your arguments in this discussion);

"Its all based on decision making abilities using your training and experience..."

So how do you justify the above statement, in regard to removing one's facepiece (which is highly dangerous given an IDLH environment and its ability to change rapidly) yet the same decision making abilities, training and experience you use to justify removing the facepiece are NOT enough to allow someone to decide whether or not running is warranted?

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Run if you must and walk if you want. Just get the job done and stay safe doing it. I run on the scene more then i should(Only because of all those greasy burgers and all those darn donuts i eat). I have slipped, tripped and fell but have just got back up and kept going. We have others that would not run even if their lives depended on it. This is like many other post on here some say yes some say no. Not worth getting so worked up over you have a stroke over. Stay safe!

P.S. Derek R I forgot to mention i smoke also!

Nope Jack I'm lovin yah!  Your my Hero Bro!  

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