Hey all I have a question! Do you think it's safe to run on the fire ground? The reason I asked is because I've seen and even read about a few injuries occurring.. If we're training as if it's a real call then why are we starting up bad habits "from what I was told and learned, we dont run on the fire ground" yeah we move with hast!! But running is not safe.. So what are y'all thoughts?

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Hi,thanks for the info,thanks and regards.

No running on the fire ground.

Running in turnouts is cumbersome, and dangerous, add to that an armfull of tools and equipment and its downright foolish.  Running will not save you time, it will create more problems. 

When responding to a call, you should be mentally preparing yourself, and going over what needs to be done, maybe getting orders from officers on scene or in the truck with you and thinking of what you will need to do when the truck arrives on scene.  Most trucks today have tools and flashlights within reach of the jump seats, and every member should get off the rig with something; nozzle, irons, flashlight, TIC, etc etc.  When you get there, you walk fast and do your job.  When you are not doing an assigned task you are in staging standing by.

There is no need to run at emergency scenes, even EMS people walk fast and do not run when getting equipment from the bus.  If you hurry, chances are you will forget something, drop something, break something or hurt someone...what do you get out of that???

Walk with purpose, do your job, stay safe.

If God had intended me to run, he would have shoved a HEMI up my Div C. IF, you do see me running on the fireground, you better be able to out run or keep up with me cause it's fixin' to get real.

There is a difference between doing things quickly, and being in a hurry. Running falls in the "hurry" catagory. I had a young FF go running out the door on a CPR patient we were moving to the ambulance. It was early in the morning with dew covering the wooden deck outside. He hit that deck, and he and equipment flew. Luckily he wasn't hurt, and the equipment wasn't damaged.

I asked him after the call what was going through his mind. He replied he wanted to get the stuff to the ambulance as fast as he could, to better help the patient. I emphasized that the patient was not going to get any worse. CPR is as bad as it gets, and that him running, slipping, falling, and taking the chance of hurting himself, and/or damaging equipment which might make a difference, was not going to make the patient better.

Moral of the story: We can do things quickly and take care of business, or be in a hurry and potentially make it worse.

There's a big difference between running and moving with haste.

One is acceptable and encouraged, the other- never!

I always tell my guys "Don't run but move with a purpose"

We run and I know DCFD runs. In fact this has been discussed before.

I've run any number of times on firegrounds, especially as a pump operator when backing up the piece. (making the 3" supply line connection from the hydrant to the booster tank, which could easily be a distance of 300' or so.) I've also run while carrying a hose load as the tip-man - not as readily accomplished, especially in bunker gear, but doable. If you do so in a deliberate manner, you can pull it off without it looking like a chinese fire drill.

"Safety first, the fire will still be there when you get there"

I have heard of some of our home owners/renters setting booby traps in the yard. We don't run, but we do make haste.

That's correct.  We run in DC and I know you and I have defended it a million times on here.

Exactly.  I'd be pretty upset if my driver WASN'T moving fast and I ran out of water while he messes around.

Ladies and Gentlemen;

Running will not cause you to die, asphyxiate, choke, go blind or senile.  It's not radioactive and doing it once or twice will not cause you grievous harm.  It is, as so many in here like to point out about other things, ANOTHER tool in the tool box.

You have a brother down, or need to secure a water supply, or RIT is called up; walking with alacrity just isn't going to feckin cut it.

This reminds me of the mother's adage to not run with scissors.  If you can carry a chainsaw up a ladder, cut a hole in a 12 pitch roof or crawl down a smokey hallway you can certainly run on the fireground if necessary.

Much as some in here will faint from this admission, I've run once or twice AND I've even rode the tailboard when picking up a 600 ft,supply line lay.

If you don't, won't and will never run on the fireground, fine.  But don't get all preachy about how horrible it is to do.  Remember, there are *some* firefighters who don't do roofs, don't go interior, so by extension there will be firefighters who won't run, ever, except to the donut truck.  (begin hating me..........now.)

Contrary to what many are saying in here, running is actually good for you. It doesn't kill you, unless you had too many donuts from the donut truck.

I run, depending on the day and my mood, 5-10Km/3-6 miles every day or every other day, and nothing bad has happened to me yet. And this is trail running with roots and rocks and streams and snakes. I don't see what's wrong with quick-steppin' on the fire ground or emergency scene. Common sense (if there is such a thing nowadays) will tell you not to run through rubble in a building, or whatever other obstacle is present. Up the driveway...sure, across the lawn...why not. Nothing wrong with a little jog.

Now saying this, it will also depend on the individual who is contemplating the act of moving quickly. No offense to anyone, but if you're a fat lazy grease burger eating person, then I recommend against the run. You'll gas out before you get any work done. On the other hand, if you're the person who runs marathons every weekend, then sure, pick it up a few steps, and drag the grease burger dude with you...

Anyhow....to answer the question: yes, I think it's safe to run, when it is safe to do so. That would be your own call on the degree of safety presenting itself as well as your level/state of health.. Just watch your step and you should be fine. And watch that you don't waste your energy and breath.

And so what, if you trip over a hose? Just laugh it off, get up and keep going. It's not like your running through Indiana Jones' temple or anything.

The guys and gals in the armed forces run, what's so bad for us that we shouldn't?

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