How does your dept. handle MVA's? Do you have a rescue truck or do you just use your engine? If you have a rescue, is it light, medium, or heavy? What kind of equpment do you have on it? My dept. runs a medium duty rescue that has an onboard PTO generator that runs pre connected extrication equipment, a 20 ft. telescoping light tower, full sets of lift bags and rams, hand tools, various saws and scene lighting. As well as other tools and water rescue equipment.

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We use a light rescue and our engine for most mva's.
My dept. handles MVA's. We use our engine, but we do have a equipment van. Our Engine has a combo tool, and our van has the jaws. If its a water rescue, we take our equipment van, and our fast attack brush truck. But we are a small town volunteer fire department.
On our Dept. we keep our extrication tools on our, backup engine, we have it equiped with preconected hoses and halmatro cutters, spreders,and rams. We carry rescue 49s, misc portable saws, all our cribing and other stabalizing gear. We have our generator and all our misc lighting, air bags, and lots of other misc equipment stored on it for rescue calls. As said it is our back up engine so have all neccesary gear and tools for fire calls as well onboard. We have a major Interstate runnen 17 miles through our dist. as well as many hwys and back roads. We cover around 200sq miles of country and get many calls for fires and extrications durring the year.
We run a Rescue Engine that carries extrication tools and an ALS Ambo staffed with Firefighter/paramedics for transport. At the Officer's discretion, we will also run the Truck(Ladder) to block traffic and for manpower.
We run a heavy rescue. It is one of the biggest in our county. We are only one of two trucks that have confined space SCBA. We have trench rescue, water rescue, rope rescue, structak collapse,air shores, built in cascade system, some hazmat equipment, built in 500 lb speedy dry gopper, 30 foot light tower, Hurst spreaders cutters and rams with pre-connects on both sides including the front bumber combi tool, assortment of air bags which run off of the cascade, R.I.T. equipment, multiple saw(circular and chain), and varrious hand tool. All we re missing is a

We roll the monster or Heavy rescue and engine and ambulance. We got some much equipment on board all these trucks I cant even start, lets just say we got everything but fridge on board.
My company runs a rescue and two engines on each MVA. We run a heavy rescue. We roll the rescue first and and an engine to scene, all man power used. Our second engine comes in and stages on the scene and man power stands by in case we need to fly. In that case the second engine would leave scene to obtain and set up an LZ.
That is definitely one heavy rescue right there.
Depends on the accident. Some we send an ambo only. If it's bigger and has a report of injuries we send an ambo and an engine. Our engines have no extrication equipment. If it's report of people trapped we send an engine, heavy rescue, truck, ambo, medic, batt chief. Accidents literally happen ALL day here being a big city. However, being a big city also means we don't send the rescue out for it often. Most accidents are at low speeds.
Right now we run our Rescue and engine as of right now our Rescue has the Jaws and extracation tools on it.Our New engine which should be in service in a few weeks will run 1st out because it will have the Jaws and medical on it.
We run them about the same as DC. Ambo & Engine on a non Pin job. We'll send a lite extrication responce on anything that sounds like it may have entrapment. Engine,ambo,Truck company. All Truck companies do extrications. If it's something major ie a semi on a car. It gets a heavy tac responce. Ambo,Engine,Truck, Tactical Rescue& Battalion Chief.
All Houses that have a Truck company are lite extrication houses. We have 3 heavy Rescue houses.
My county fire-rescue dept. only has Engines. It relies heavily on the Volunteer Depts. and their small rescue trucks.
An engine and a Rescue (ambulance where I am from) respond to every MVA. Each station has a Rescue and an Engine. Both are manned by 2 personnel each.Because of the small number of personnel assigined to each apparatus most of the time multiple stations must be called out.

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