What is the most important thing you have at a fire scene? And why?

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If you are in the truck or rescue.................................a charged line is still the most important thing!

OK, for truck tools it's forcible entry tools (whatever works for you) and hooks.

Capcityff, So what if you are? Everyone has a job to do.


I like firemen,trained firemen is a good thing.

What?  I was joking because he said a charged hose line.  If you're on a truck or rescue, that's impossible.  They don't carry hose lines.


Alot of lights on your POV so you can get there fast! HAHAHAHA just had to Derek.

Manpower and apparatus because without it things wont be good!


   Shepards don't touch hoses and plugs don't touch tools. 

     For me it is a charged line.   I am a Engine man now.  

My all time favorite tool is the halligan. I have tried using the TNT tool (sledge/axe on one side and closet hook/prybar on the other) but its too cumbersome. If someone already has irons I grab the plaster/lathe hook and pick head axe. As Captain I always had the TIC by my side as well.
Another important tool is the radio and flashlight, need both of those.
For brush fires I like the pulaski and indian tank combo. The union rakes are not very good and brooms are useless unless you know what to do with them. Swatters are kind of useless too. Remove the fuel and wet it down.
For haz-mat spills my favorite tool is the coffee pot...nuf said.

Another great combo for haz-mat incidents is a folding lawn chair/pair of binoculars! LOL

Dang John, you beat me to it. 

Chief Sharp, Glad you chimed in.

my brigade captain asked us just last week at training... his answer surprised the hell out of me, but i do have to admit, i agree with him...

your boots

you can't walk out of a fire without them...

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