My department is considering getting 1 or 2 of these but are not sure which one is the better bar.  Anyone have any pros and cons of either?  Also, which length do you feel is the best?

Be safe and thanks!!

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On my engine we have a couple of sets of irons and they're halligans, so can't say which is better, but regarding the FUBAR it's great for demolition on the job site but I wouldn't use one on the fireground as you end up only taking that in. I much prefer a set of irons but if I had to take a single tool in it would be the flathead.
I agree with you Jack. I'm more of an irons guy myself and don't bring in personal tools, except my cable cutter and knife on my gut belt. Everything else I would need is on the rig and will bring that in.

Although, I do think the Stanley FUBAR does make a great "officers" tool.
Pro bar for sure. There's really no comparison. The pro bar is one piece. The other is pinned together. The pro bar is a little bit more expensive and I think maybe a bit heavier. However, the little bit of price difference is nothing for this job. The weight difference is minimal and if you can't handle the heavier bar then you probably shouldn't be in this profession.
Pro Bar. It's a single piece of forged steel. True Halligans are made that way for a reason.

Stay far away from any "so called" hallligan bars that are pinned. They are weak compared to the forged ones.

I'm from a place that actually uses forcible entry tools. I have witnessed the pinned Paratech bars break during use. That's not what you want.
Thanks for the info everyone, its greatly appreciated!!
They definitely DO break. People think that it doesn't happen, but they are usually from a department that doesn't use them every day.
Having used both, I'd have to go with the Pro Bar. It is not only better built, but the shape of the fork and adz are better suited to the task at hand. The metal feels softer and more flexable on the Paratech as well (that may just be in my imagination).

Pro Bar. 36" is probably fine unless you don't carry a rabbit tool.
that's easy....the one you know how to use and use well.....
I found out that Akron Brass is making a forged halligan bar called the Tri-Bar. Anyone have any experiences with that one?
agree, because i am a product of "what i'm used to". i looked at the FUBAR and it seems like a nice tool and like the Halligan, i believe it will spur additional uses and attachments t go with it (such as the K tool) when the k tool came out i though that was a real innovation
Agree, forged is the way to go and on that subject i had a ride along with RES2CUE in brooklyn back in the 80's. Capt. Ray Downey showed me a Halligan they modified to be about 5 feet long. He said it doubles as a psudo pike pole and a halligan with a hell of alot of leverage. I thought it was cool but could not get my vollie company to make one. Has anyone else taken a tool and modified it like that? i have made some tools out of various things (such as "L"'s from wiper arms for lock entry tools) etc.
I have used the haligan and hooligan bars and by far, without question or doubt and with full certainty, the halligan bars is better for a few simple reasons.
1. it is a solid forged steel member with no rivets or pins holding the ends together. Where ever their is a rivet the tool is weakened.
2. The adz end on the halligan is slightly curved which makes it able to fit in a dn grab the back of a door seam when forcing outward swinging doors. it was specifically designed to do so.
3. it is smaller and lighter than the hooligan and mates with flat head axes, roof hooks, etc...much better.
4. ergonimically it fits your hands better allowing for a better more secure grip.

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