Hi All, I am putting together a training presentation for my crew and want to include video clips and text of good and bad use of PPV. I have been searching on line with pretty good results, but someone, somewhere probably knows of a link to an outstanding video clip.

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Im not sure where it's at, but research the Washington DCFD, I think the Cherry Road fire that killed several DC firefighters due to the wrong application of PPV. NIOSH should have something on it too. Good luck with the program.
I will see if I can find it. We have a great video on how NOT to use it!
http://www.firefighternation.com/profile/fckrisk Talk to John Kriska he has alot of information on this subject I learned alot from what he provided me.
hi paul,

we work with "leader".look at the website for more information and download. i have some small videos about the "work" from ppv. when you need them, contact me. i will send it to your e-mail!








stay safe
Just please tell your students that PPV should not be used to FIND the fire. We had a Chief do that one time on a house fire and rosted 4 of us in the hallway. It was a 2 story cinder block house and the fire was hiding from us. He set the fan up in the front door while we made entry through the back. There was no communication at all. The next thing we know there is a blast of air come past us followed by heavy fire over our heads. It got real hot real fast. We all learned a lesson that day. Mine was to never respond with a hangover....LOL
it is a basic to know about the fan does works, or?! :-)

who at the fire-spot at your FD gives the order to start the fan, the chief? or the firefighter in the house?

in my FD the chief gives the order where to arrange the fan, but he never will start him before the firefighter in the house gives the order to start it.
nobody like to stand in a ventilation furnace!

best regards from germany

This was my first dept. and the Chief called all the shots. The inside crew informed him of conditions and he made the decision based upon that. My current dept. the Chief calls the shots but only when he can make an informed decision and as long as he doesn't put anyone in harms way.
NEVER use a PPV fan as a thermal imager.

If you use the PPV fan to find the fire, you are asking the fire to find YOU.
Actually, I've been looking for the same type of stuff.

Try contacting the guys at www.positivepressureattack.com they work for Salt Lake City FD and developed the positive pressure attack course. I went through the course just a few weeks ago and definately learned a lot. They used some good vidoes of proper and improper PPV. I tried finding the same videos online, but have not found them. I tried searching the site but ran into some obstacles and plan on contacting them about the videos so I can use them for training.
And it does. No doubt about it. That's something I learned from that day.
Something likehelmetcam video or firecamera video... .com shows some good footage of what should have been obvious performed by the oblivious.
PPV can be a great tool if used appropriately. To teach PPV, we have a two story house that is built to scale that is about 4 ft. tall. We fill the house with "smoke" from a smoke machine. We also have a fan from a computer that is set up like a PPV fan. We show the student how to make an appropriate opening and then put the fan into one of the doors. The house's outside is made of plexiglass, so they can see how the smoke moves out of the house.
We use the PPV to push the smoke away from us before entering a structure. After finding the fire during a 360 walk around, we make an opening close to the fire and turn the fan in. This makes searching a structure so much easier.

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