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Are these guys crazy or are they testing the waters to see if they can become the human BBQ
Leading contenders for the "Darwin Award."
and the report reads "alcohol may have been a factor..."
This photo made the rounds in 2008.....there are even some after shots online...everyone survived :) No proof, though, from what we can see that it was actually connected to a socket....

This picture has been around for nearly 6 years. Stupid when I saw it the first time, still stupid now.
This is shocking!
Ummm, what were they thinking???
Hey Yall, Watch this!!
This is priceless. Job Security. They want to test how fast electricity travels through
It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people can be. And then they get electrocuted and ask "How could this happen?". Duh.
all I can say is wow!
The plug from the table going into the power strip looks to be a european style, the background is clean and litter free and, although drinking the three guys appear to be fairly sober. I suspect that they are all college students and if I'm right, european college students, which typically are more intelligent than american college students, so either the whole set up is a set up or there's more to it than any of the pictures might indicate.

Had this occurred in the U.S., the three would be drunk, vomiting, there would be equally drunk females present and the background would be littered with garbage and broken bottles. Oh and that orange extension cord would actually be plugged in somewhere and they would all have been killed. Of course, it wouldn't have been their fault but that of the college. After all, they're just kids, they didn't know any better.

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