I have worked my fair share of details.  Air shows, large occupancy permits with pyrotechnics, etc. I also understand that FD details can be boring at times,


But when things go bad, it can be dangerous. To me this video is a classic example why we train to don your gear for time?





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extremely lucky .......... amazingly stupid
WoW ! It appears that the local Engine Company is already there, great. But why the heck is that Auto Fire any different than any other fire you would respond to. Would you get off your Engine with no PPE on if you had responded, I would hope not ! I can understand maybe one Firefighter hitting the fire from way back, while others Don your PPE, but damn that was down right Stupid, so lucky no one ended up in the Burn center ! Damn people, think before you act, WTF !
Exotic fuel funny car?
Magnesium fire?

The bigger question to me is: Who is the guy in the red shorts and why does he keep running up, hugging the guy on the hose and then running away holding up his shorts? Like three times.
Jack I was wondering the same thing.

This goes against everythiing that I was taught for a car fire.
Amazing!!!! PPE is a definite requirement for any car fire. Also, know your vehicles if you are working a special event. A customized vehicle, such as this one, may have fire suppression, battery kill switch, etc. This particular fire appears to be fuel fed and the fuel pump may still be running. Power is still on if you take a look at the drivers side headlight.
Unfortunately there are lots of videos out there catching firefighters doing stupid things, putting themselves in very dangerous situations and a lot of times for what not sure if anyone was in the car but it appears they were out? So why risk your safety? That guy wearing the white shirt hope he wasn’t an officer because if he was then the rest of the station is at Risk? If he’s going to do something this stupid then there’s a good chance his guys will to.
Unfortunately some people are slow learners and take the hands on approach to learning and unfortunately they may not change their ways until they seriously hurt themselves or someone else There is so much information and so many regulations rules and recommendations and yet we still have firefighters doing stupid stuff . To those that don’t follow proper safety procedures news flash you’re not superman you’ve just been lucky so far but eventually you will end up hurt or hurting someone else!!!! Think about what you’re doing !!!
FETC, I think that was Adam Smith on the nozzle!
good one
LOL! or Ringol... oh nevermind.. lol Good one !
Yep, PPE was VERY much not being used, evidently someone forgot the class B foam also. Very lucky this didn't get someone hurt or killed.
or a Dry Chem Extinguisher, and I was wondering about red shorts too...
Maybe he was just a sucker for a man in uniform and couldn't control himself I believe he was even touching himself a couple times on the way in.That's too funny!!! but on the reality side of things I hope the hose man went home and prayed to the good lord for covering his ass on this one cause that was just a recipe for disaster right there if I've ever seen one.For sure this drag car was powered by either alcohol or Av gas and i'm wondering at what point someone would clue in and say "hey how come water isn't working here" and turn on some foam.Then you have the real hidden danger! the N.O.S. bottle that I'm sure is mounted somewhere inside the driver area that could explode at any time.Not sure what they were thinking on this one but if your working a special event like a drag strip you should maybe know a little about what your dealing with and most definatly be prepared because things can go bad real fast when your dealing with this type of event with these types of cars.Highly flammable fuel and N.O.S. bottles and speed is a high risk game so you don't need to be unprepared and caught of guard.PPE is step #1 then step #2 is attack the fire.I was never taught that I just assumed that as common sense.Maybe this guy should have the grade 3 class from the nearest school come and do a little training skit for him. I know ... I know your saying that we always go to the schools and teach the young kids but we can make an exception for this guy so the next fire that he goes to he can come home safe to his family.That's assuming he has one , maybe him and the guy in the red shorts aren a couple they seemed awfully close.

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