So... I'm just curious as to some of the general and more specific names given to apparatus from the US and around the world... for example, our pumper is called an engine (yeah, i know alot of people call it that), airel apparatus around our area are refered to as towers, ladders, airel's, trucks... an ambulance is known as a bus or a rig.

More specifically... we have a huge tanker that we call the whale and our older pumper is known as the "popemobile" due to the very high roof on the crew area.

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We had an old GMC Topkick tanker with a old wizz siren on the fender I named "Pearl" that named stuck for years, I moved to a different hall and they had a retired honey wagon for their tanker that we called the SH*T SUCKER. It looked ridiclous but with the vacuum ability of the tank it fills twice as fast at the rest!!!
We have a 05 kenworth crew cab rescue pumper we call "the dawg"
I remember running that truck. glad to see that it it still out there! We called her old betsy

As our vehicles have garage numbers, we call them: Ace, Deuce ... etc.
Brush fire vehicles are called goats.
Ladders are called autoscala (italian dialect for autoladder)
High pressure (40 bar) hose reels are called speedy (brzinka).
Some equipment is called by product name or producer, or just short word, for example:
2 stihls - 2 motor saw,
2 ciffarellis - 2 motor blowers for grass fire,
insulating - SCBA,
dolmar - motor cuter,
intervention (suit) - turnout gear
CAFS A , CAFS B - type of CAFS foam to use on intervention
HOLMATRO - no need to explain
A,B,C,D hoses - by diameter in mm (110, 75, 52, 38) and so on.
CCF, VPI, VSAB, VSAV, VLTT, - for vehicles
GRIMP, DIH, NRBC - for special groups
PELICAN - Canadair CL-415, MILAN - ATR 10000 l water/retardant bomber
SDIS - fire dept.

and many more... I was very familiar with these acronyms

In Croatia:
JVP - professional fire brigade
DVD - volunteer fire brigade
NV - first response truck (navalno vozilo)
AC - water tank (auto cisterna)
AL - auto ladder (auto ljestva)
SV - brush/forest fire wehicle (šumsko vozilo)
TV - for technical intervention (tehničko vozilo)
and so on...
We don't really name our rigs except for our first due is usually called the snail or some expletive or another due to the fact that it seems to always have something wrong with it When it's on it's a game it can throw some water but half the time it seems we are in a backup rig and it's in the shop. We also call ambulances meat wagons.
We have a little 1962 model white Jeep we use as a brush vehicle. It's a 3 speed. We call it "lil squirt"
Basically, all EU countries, have their standardization of vehicles and acronyms.
For example:
FPT - in France
NV - in Croatia
APS - in Italy
TLF - in Germany/Austria
GVC - in Slovenia
CAS - in Czech Republic

From them you can read vehicle type and purpose - TLF 30/30-3 CAFS means that this vehicle is for first response with 3000 l of water, pump capacity 3000 l/min, 300 l foam agent and CAF system. 3 greatest builders of fire vehicles in Europe are: IVECO-MAGIRUS group, Rosenbauer group, Ziegler group (mostly in Germany and Austria), so it is not unusual to find TLF standardized vehicle in any country in Europe or worldwide.
In Britain a pumper is a Duel Porpose Pump that runs as a Pump (DPU) or a Pump Ladder (DPL). Ariels come in different flavours, a Turntable ladder is a TL (smart huh), and a Hydraulic Platform an HP, Ariel Ladder Platform an ALP (consistent anyway), we don't have 'Trucks" as such, a PL carries a 45' extension ladder and if you need anything more than that you "make" a TL or an HP.
Then there are a host of specials, FoT (foam tender), WrT (water tender), BCU (Brigade Control unit), FIT (fire investigation team), FRU (fire rescue unit.
At the last count there were 41 different types of vehicle or unit, but to the public, if it's red, goes BEE-BAA with an occasional WHOOP or WEE-WEE-WEE -WEE and has blue flashing lights it's a Fire Engine.

only one of our trucks has a real nickname: the pod carrier is called desert fox, the reason is that it once was in service somewhere in the deserts of Saudi Arabia; it's old, but it runs:

well and for the rest, in some way all kinds of fire trucks in the EU have a kind of nickname, or rather a combination of the abbreviation for the type of vehicle and a number for the vehicle's technical data. Some examples:

  • An Engine is called "Löschgruppenfahrzeug" in German, the abbr. for it is "LF"; Then there are different classifications of the Engine, e.g. a LF 16/12 has a pump capacity of 1600 l / min at 10 bar pressure and has a 1200 l water tank on board (+ technical equipment and rescue tools which are requiered by law)
  • A Tower ladder is called "Drehleiter mit Korb", abbr. "DLK", and the number behind then gives information about the rescue height at a certain radius, e.g. a "DLK 23/12" is a Tower Ladder which can reach 23 meter height at a 12 meter radius; The abbr. "DLK 23/12" then can also extended with further meaings, e.g. "nB" for low profile (not higher than a normal Engine), "CC" for computer-controlled, "CS" for computer-stabilized, "PLC" for programmable logic controller and so on

Here just a short list of typical trucks with their German translation and then abbreviation:

Command (van/car/truck) - Einsatzleitwagen - ELW

Chief (car) - Kommandowagen - KdoW

Rescue Engine - Hilfeleistungslöschgruppenfahrzeug - HLF

Heavy Rescue (truck) - Rüstwagen - RW

Tanker - Tanklöschfahrzeug - TLF

and so on

Our new KME custom cab pumper is affectionately called 'The Beast" due to it's size.

The local school mascot is the duck, and subsquently all of our trucks have duck themes. The first truck to get a name was our pumper tanker and it is named the "Mad Duck" which is what they were calling the mascot at that time (early 90's). Then we started calling the army surplus brust truck "Brush Duck"  then "Brush Duck 2" which is a 99 f250. We have a 00 that replaced the surplus truck and it became Brush Duck as well. Our 2004 tanker is the "Duck Pond" The 95 fast attack pumper we got two years ago is now "Quack Attack", and our air truck is the "Air duck"

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