Okay, we all have nicknames for our guys in the station. What are some of the names used in you station? I'll start it off....Come along Delong, Sweet Pete, Doc, Gumby, Black Bart.

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They call me TRUCKIE, I was with a ladder company in New York for 13 years before I came to South Carolina
Hmmmmmmmmmmmm We have Dave, Irish Dave, DonkeyKong, Joker, Sniper, Mac (the truck...hes huge), big daddy, papabear and sweetpea.

Ohhhhh and a few i can't mention
Mine is Big John, I'm 6'5" 200 plus pounds.
They call me Big'un
We have Uncle Buck, Big Dan, D-Rod, Inspector Gadget, The Veteran, Cookie, Sir Lies-a-Lot, Grandma, Phillipee, Man-Child, Radio, Lt. Dan, Tee-Rhets, and Tiny Dancer, just to name a few.
I am Inspector Gadget by the way.
We have Uncle Bill, Uncle Dickie, Uncle Pete, Iceman, Irish, Captain Courageous, C-Box, Crash, Gumbo, Killer, The Penguin, Limpy, Big Jim, Lumpy,
When I was a rookie FF/EMT 25 years ago I fell out of my rack in the bunk room 'cause I was laughing so hard from hearing a joke-
you know the one where the indian child asks "father ,how do indian children get named "and he replys"as chief it is my duty to name each child born into our tribe"-and the young indian asks "how do you decide what to call them?"to which the Indian chief replys"as each child is born ,I look out of the tee-pee or the Wigwam and what ever I see is what they are named,why do you ask two dogs humping ?"
well as you can see , the punch line at the end is so funny and I wasn't prepared for it and I thought it was So funny ,and was laughing so hard I rolled out onto the floor :)
I was given the nick name "two dogs" which I wore proudly on the back of my helmet for years .I even got a Valentine from a secret admirer in the local newspaper-"to two dogs" years later my wife ,who is a nurse , told me it was she and a couple of the ER nurses she worked with who went together to put it the paper .
When I was promoted to lieutenant after serving for 12 years , my crew said I had to change my nick name to "Big Dog". Now , after 25 years service one of my youngest crew members has suggested I need to change my nick name to "old Dog". I will be OLD DOGG proudly to my crew :).
well, its Fireyladd or Chief
We had Captain Carl, rescue ranger, mom, boo-boo, ob-1, and mine was ox. Got that after running out of air during a RIT drill, and instead of letting go, I plowed my way thru a wall, then tore everything off trying to breathe. Stupid I know. They'd never tell me if Ox was a good thing, like "strong as an ox", or a bad one like "dumb as an ox"
I like to workout allot and consider myself to be both strong and somewhat built for someone my size-I'm 5' 8" and 200 lbs. My friends think I look like the Olympic-power lifter with the nick name "Pocket Hercules"; so that is one of the nick-names. I've got quite a few over the past twenty years. This is the one I like the most.
we have batman, spiderman, and knob goblin.... a few others have nicknames, but the change from day to day... there is long stories behind all of the names..we also used to have papasmurf..

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