Hey Guys,

So i need advice because im not sure what to do when the BACK brim is cracked, and im not talking about a small crack. the reason why i ask is because, although i can see the crack and partially bend it in that spot, its still holding together.

i will post a few pics so you get an idea, i really dont want to take my helmet OOS for another few months but let me know what you think i should do.



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If I were you, that helmet would be gone. Regardless of the chances of getting bonked on the head, or the fact that the crack is probably not in a place that would cause any concern, WHAT IF.. you hurt your head, and the insurance people or compensation people say...oh.. no claim! That helmet never met the safety standards because it was cracked!


The bottom line is.. it is (in my opinion) simply NOT worth the hassle or risk! I know they are rather pricey..but ask yourself.. is your head worth it? if not.. well maybe keep the cracked one.  That's just my thoughts. I am sure there are others out there that will tell you it is not a problem.  I think it IS.. or COULD BE!  stay safe bro! :)

thanks for your input brian i appreciate it


I'm with Brian on this one!  If its not under warranty, put it on the shelf for a display / conversation piece.

Sorry Brain, It is junk! Time for a new one your department can not afford the hassle if you get hurt with that on your noggin. Plus insurance is not going to pay when the state sends in their report. Better safe then sorry. Good luck man and stay safe.

I forgot to mention Brian, make sure you point out the crack to your Chief or Captain. My guess once they see it, they will make the decision for you.

I agree with the foregoing on this one, Brian. Nasty crack! Hang it on the wall and let it collect dust. Not only will the workers compensation folks possibly not cover you, but NIOSH will roast you and your department if you...well, you know. Welcome to The Nation and BE SAFE out there.

the helmet is condemmed ... hang it up on the wall and get a new one ... how old is it though just out of curiosity (bad spelling) ? ive had mine for 3 years but it was second hand, are they still using old school helmets in america? do you have to buy your own?

Yep I would say that the helmet is BATS ( Busted All To S#$t ) 

Its a nice decoration now. Get it replaced. If your fire company has a safety inspection of gear the inspectors will pull in and advise to replace it.

I have to ask...How in the Hell did you crack a composite helmet like that?  Did it get run over?

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