As the discussions continue , I am curious if one really taught you anything . I learned that the color black in turnouts is not as bad as I thought . I thought it would be dangerous and hot but allot of you said the opposite . I am now not concerned with what color I wear . What about you , what have you learned ? I also learned no matter what the topic , we are all in this together at the end . God Bless and Be safe .

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The 'Stang is a work in progress. I've done a minor modification.. changing thr intae to cold air inductionand gaining 15 hp. Next is a ciutom tune to add another 22+hp, then a Borla exhaust to add another 20 or so. She'll be going in the paddock soon for the winter.

What this site needs is more, "stuff",less "fluff"

The family is fine, thanks for asking... yours?
Life couldn't be better.
Someone you know works here. He is trying to put more stuff in and take some of the fluff out.
He's doing a great job so far.
You know how tough it is with the Jake site. Multiply that by 4000. He's got his work for sure.
What HP you lookin' to get out of the Mustang?
After all, speed limit is 65 on most interstates.
I think the biggest thing I have learned is to be openminded to other's thoughts and ideas. I've only been a firefighter for just under three years and when I first started I had an attitude that my dept. did everything the best possible way and that if anyone did something different, they were doing it the wrong way. It took me a little bit to understand that everyone faces different obstacles and there are always different ways of having to deal with them. We just have to take the time to learn and understand them. I see the same attitude in alot of new members and I try to instill the fact that people do things for different reasons because they have too, not because they simply want to be different.
thanks guys, appreciate the support!
Good luck Streetking. Might be good to know that if there's something you just can't get the hang of, you have MANY here who will help you. Ditto to Norman and Jack.
Keep safe and have fun.
Jack, Most of my experience in The Fire Service has been as an instructor of firefighters. Whether its souls or asses we're saving, we are required to pick up the fallen. Thats all I meant. I have been here long enough to have reaped what Art expresses in his reply below. Today I thank God for it all.
Chief, Rest assured, you're safe on all counts. Pete
I'll name ten...

1) Some depts. have girls now

2) Peter won't go into a fire with me

3) Somewhere there is a vollie dept. with an 18 year old chief

4) Put the fire out from destroying earth

5) Fieldus Ignitus is real

6) BA does not stand for bad ass

7) You can't "ride out" a wildfire in a hot tub

8) Threadjacking is more art than science

9) There is a World Firefighter Racquetball Association

10) Not everyone has a sense of humor

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