i was talking to my fire chief today and he was telling me that the state is going to pass a law in june about makeing evoc mandatory for all driver/operators. now heres the kicker  traditionally its been an 8 hour class room fallowed by 8 hours in the field and you good to go, but now it you have to have 8 hours in each truck you drive with a state certified instructor rideing with you.

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I agree with that oldman but my point is the money will have to come from somewhere. That's my point. EVOC classes cost money even if they are free the money came from somewhere to do it. Nothing is ever free someone somewhere has to pay for it. A cheaper alternative would be in-house EVOC training as long as it meets state requirements. It still would not be free but it would be more cost-effective and would be just as good if, as I stated before, met state requirements. I also agree that state requirements for many states should be more strict. The Maine proposal isn't too cumbersome if it can be done in-house and you don't have to travel long distances to take it. And something that I neglected to state earlier, the candidate taking the driving exam has to be checked off on each type of truck we have. We have ALF, you have to drive one with the Chief, we have darley front mount pumps, you have to drive one of those with the Chief, etc. I'll be posting more pics today of the Darley trucks we have. I'm not arguing cost with you Oldman but I'm just saying that more and more mandates cost us more and more money and it has to come from somewhere. And for many smaller dept's already having to make cuts that has to be brought up.
Our Dept. has a strict training program when it comes to anyone who drives. We all have to take a yearly refresser class, wich is the basic C.D.L. driving test although we dont need the C.D.L. some of us do have Class A's since we drive for a living. We have a few practice tests then the finnal, if dont pass you dont drive, till pass the vehical test you failed on. We also have to drive with our Asst Chief, even if pass the course, he can fail ya on the road test, and hes verry blunt about it to. I dont see how some Dept's can afford to pay for that sort of training, cost and all. For State trainers arnt cheap, and if a driver fails the cost to retrain them. Im not saying that training isent good, for we all need it. There are some drivers that even with all there training, drive like crap.
In wv, the new requirement for this year, is 10 hours minimum on EACH truck... so evoc is a necessity here to
Sounds like someone is making a job for someone. Oregon requires the EVOC class and driving drill. They are working to establish some kind of Class certification simular to CDL also. I agree, if your going to drive a Emergency vehicle you should be tested and qualified. Enough of this stuff where you join the Department today and are driving tomorrow. No training or qualifications needed.
This is a great idea. Personally I think that drivers of emergency vehicles should have a special sticker or somthing on their DL. I hope that something like this law is passed in my area, so we can always have someone to drive.
AND... just for the heck of it... DID YOU KNOW, there are places that allows people to drive their fire apparatus, and any other emergency vehicle WITHOUT ANY special license. Hard to believe but true. Not even so much as an air brake endorsement. AND, in some of these same places, vollies are allowed to use lights and sirens in their POV. Now, I am not slamming any place that doesn't give a rats (_!_) about the safety of the emergency vehicles or should I say, the motoring public, ( ok maybe just a lil slam) but I am just saying...
Excellent!! If I see one more "Secret List" email with an LODD due to driver error, I may scream.
I cannot drive a vehicle without being properly trained on it, pump, ladder, rescue, etc. It only makes sense.
And, we have to do a classroom refresher each year.
Last I checked 'Bama was still like that...minus the red light deal of course, Alabama law don't allow them.
Actually it would depend on the state. An insurance carrier can not deny a claim if the person driving the vehicle was doing so in compliance with state motor vehicle regulations. The regulations for driving emergency vehicles is probably another area that has 50 different interpretations. New York as an example doesn't by law even require that you have a drivers license to drive an emergency vehicle, and just recently changed the law that you had to have a cdl to drive an emergency vehicle in a non emergency mode. Also here in NY emergency vehicles are exempt from annual motor vehicle inspections, though a lot of departments spend the money and do it because it is another way to cya.
Laws can be good, especially with some volunteers. People can give you a hard time on enforcing department policies, less apt to happen when it's a law. Louisiana only requires a class "E" license to operate apparatus as a volunteer. Took a long time to get department SOP'S accepted for 12 hours annually, but it happens now. Insurance only requires 8: 4 classroom, 4 on course. We added road ops as well. If they want to drive the BRT, they "have" to attend the training. Means you may have to do it over several sessions, but having more than 1 qualified instructor helps. We also do "License checks" annually now, due to an incident involving a POV response, who turned out had no insurance and license was suspended. Department ending up paying. Seems to help with POV response issue's (less complaints). Also, while state law allows it, we do not permit lights or sirens on POV or violating traffic laws in a POV. You have to take a stand, may not make you popular, but hopefully will keep your people safe(r)!
We have had that rule for as long as anyone can remember...just we don't have to ride with each vehicle...we have to ride with our driving trainers and that can sometimes be worse......

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