A call comes in for a possible plane crash in the middle of 10,000 acres of forest.. You arrive on scene to find a small plane in the trees, with possible victims that are still alive." SEE PICTURE" What would you do ??? Remember, your in the middle of a forest, so there are no roads for miles, small volly dept, with the closest high angle rescue approx. at least an hour out. Looking for any input......

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Hehehe....Considering this incident occurred closer to me than you....do I spill the beans on what happened or let it go?

Ah, it is your post, can lead to a good thought process, so I'll let it go for now.

Very good post and a great topic for discussion, but personally I have nothing.  I'm completely stumped especially with the resources that you provided.  I'm very interested in seeing how this one plays out.

This happened in my area as well. Couldn't get a ladder truck in there.  Not that uncommon really. Heck Johnny and Roy even mitigated one of these with just the squad..... 

I'm with thomas on this one. Call for outside help such as the guard or maybe a local commercial company that might have useful equip. Other than that use the knowledge and resources that you have to do the best you can, while being as safe as possible, until mutual aid arrives. the great thing about volly departments isthat you have a wide variety of backgrounds. If you live in a heavly wooded area it is likely that some of your members have logging, mountainering experience that they may be able to bring into play.

I'd cheat.  One of my guys works for an aircraft salvage company.  The easiest thing for me to do is to use his expertise and to get him on his phone for resources.

Ive thought about this alot myself. Hard to secure plane since it doesnt look like any tree would be big enough. Seems hard to get ladder there without having some potential danger involved for workers and victims. Im glad Im not the only one thats stumped. And thanks John for letting others ponder the thought and share ideas.....

The smartass in me says to tell the people, if conscious, ensure you are strapped in, then cut the tree down.....that'll get em down.



They'll come down when they're hungry. That's what we tell the owner of the cat when their cat is stuck up in the tree.

What about all them paratroopers who ended up in trees? They cut their straps and tucked and rolled.



Det cord comes to mind. Use enough, and not only is the aircraft brought to a workable level, but you've blown an LZ for medevac as well.

"possible victims"

Really I would look to see if someone is even in the aircraft before I started getting all willie nillie.

I would call for the rescue team, and any available military units in the area as well as encon for assistance.  Hike back with a ladder, rope, basic ems gear etc.  Call out and see if there is anyone in the plane to begin with and if they are concious.  Try to get the ladder up an adjacent tree to see into the cockpit to try and see how many (if any) patients and their condition.  How high up is the plane? 

Other than that I am stumped too, I would wait for the trained EXPERIENCED help to arrive then assist them with whatever help or resources they would need.  Let the people who know what they are doing handle it if possible.


I see an issue with trying to ladder the tree with the plane itself becuase if the plane were to fall further it would crush my firefighters trying to climb it.  Maybe ladder the other side of the tree and climb up behind the wreck to see who is inside and what injuries, if they are unhurt have one person at a time climb out, get tied to a belay line, and climb down the ladder.  Thats all I can come up with.



What Would Tackleberry Do

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