How old do you have to be to be a operational firefighter i your town/state/country

im jus curious
how old do you have to be before you join the fire service in your country
in new zealand you have to be 16 or older to become a fully operational firefighter

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In my department you can join as a junior at 14-18. You can become an active firefighter at 18 and drive the trucks after proper training at 21.
In Pa., you can become a junior firefighter at age 14, and you can become a senior firefighter at age 18. In our dept., even senior firefighters are very limited to what type of activities they can preform on the fireground, until atleast The Essentials of Firefighting class is successfully achieved. We require a junior firefighter to keep his/her grades in school to an acceptable level to remain on the junior roster. Sort of like keeping grades up to stay active in a scholastic sport. The parents really like the fact that their sons/daughters work harder to keep their grades up to stay active in our junior program. We recieve alot of thanks for this.

its really hard to find kids intrested in it here
im the only one in my school and town. the rest of our brigade is 30yr old and up, my father was in the airforce and i had a pop who was in the war as an ambulance driver so i thik working in the services is in my blood
I started as a volunteer at 17, but I was about to turn 18 and was also graduating that year also. To be a full-time you have to be certified to atleast FF1 and in order to take the test you have to be 18.
Ye gods mate! You'll be in trouble for your last bit! (says he, laughing his head off...)
OMG! 7 whole days??? Sorry, I couldn't resist. Keep up the good work, stay safe!
I believe here in Illinois a person has to be 21 to be sworn in. Not sure about Juniors/Explorers.
C'mom Brian...afterall that is an ENTIRE WEEK!
I could not help myself, I had to put that in here,
Indiana allows you to volunteer with full responsibilites at 18. You have to be 21 to go career
In Arkansas u have to be 18 years of age or older
yea how much do you have to do? thats just for volly its 12 weeks for career

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