I am constantly looking for new and interesting training classes. I look for online courses and ones that are held in a classroom. We can never have enough training, but that is my opinion. Let me know what you think.....

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You can never have enough training. You have to keep your skills and your mind sharp. Critical Thinking Skills are the most important tool we as first responders have.
I just want to kick guys in the mouth when they tell me they don't need anymore training. You can never have enough!!! Things in the Fire Service are changing faster than we can train on it.. Scary thing but we'll always be 2 steps behind.
Anyone that answers this question without saying "you can never have enough training" is a complete idiot!!!!
Does that include you?
And me....
At my paid dept. we are required to train 2 hours a day but it is left up to us as to what we do...
We do have monthly topics that we must cover for the month and they must include a bunker drill & hands on training. Training others and being trained is one of my favorite things to do so I'm also looking for new stuff too.
Training is part of our job. The more you train the better you preform. Training is the key too sucess you will learn something every day
you raise to the level of training you have. thats has always been what i see in the fire service. i look at training in fitness, firefighting, classroom, and watching.
As has been posted already.....there is no such thing as "enough" training.

I also warn people that training is no substitute for experience (but the opportunity for experience, normally is FAR LESS than the opportunity for training)

And I also try to get people to train more with "improvised" things as opposed to "class room" things all the time (not knocking classroom training).....it just seems that as time goes on people tend to get more "turned off" sitting in classrooms after they have completed most of the basic classes.

I have found that getting an "experienced" person to help.....and then having people sit around in a more casual setting (like letting the people talk back and forth and bounce questions and suggestions around) seems to have alot more benefit than a structured classroom setting ALL THE TIME.

DISCLAIMER : the above post is "what I think", meaning MY opinion......it is in no way meant (or should be taken ) as an ABSLOUTE, or the word of GOD

Sorry....had to throw that in before my fans show up here ;-)
This is your life, and the life of your brothers and sisters.
We put our life on the line each, and every day. The best
way to keep yourself, and your family safe, is to train as
offen as possable. You can never have to much training.
I totally agree that there is no such thing as too much training. One area I am constantly watching for is the opportunity to photograph any training. This provides not only documentaion of the training, it can also serve as visual aid material for the training center and their instructors. I believe it also provides personnel in other areas a way to keep up with any new techniques, training aids, resourses that can be utilized and a way to compare the types of training that is taking place in various locations.

In any case, I always recommend that your training should be photographed or vidio tapes for the above reasons. If anyone has been doing this, feel free to send some into www.FireDailyNews.com to share.



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