In the Department I belong to give two way radios to all the line offers, and any firefighter that would like to have a two way radio only needs to get pemision from the Chief, and he, or she can purchase their own, and the department will program it for you. When we use the radio, our call sign is our ID number. I must say it works well within our Department. How do other departments feel about the uses of radio's?

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We have the same rules and practice Capt
I as a firefighter not an officer although my husband is one if I AM GOING IN A HOUSE I BETTER have a radio. We both have radios most all dept members do some of the probies will get pagers for a while.
In my department only the officers get radios. We have some that others may grab but only officers get one assigned to them.
Sounds like we run exactly the same way you do... All officers are issued a two-way by the dept. Any member that would like to carry one must purchase their own, otherwise, they carry a dept. issued pager. All FF's do have a radio for calls, however; the radio must stay on station when not being used.
Hey BRH EVFD 507, Thanks for resonding to the discussion. I see that your
department handles radios very much the same as the department I am with.
However we do not share any channels with the PD. Matter of fact, the police
don't even respond to fire calls, unless requested by the Chief, and that would
only be for traffic control. Thanks again, be well, and stay safe out there Brother.
Hey Diana, Thanks again for responding to one of my discussions. It's
good to hear that most of your department has radios, I feel that everyone
should know whats going on at the sence of a fire. Thanks again, be well,
and stay safe out there. PS: tell Dewayne I said hey.
Hey Mike, Thanks for adding to the discussion. From what I have read so far, thats
what I see from most departments. They have extra radios on the trucks for the
firefighters, other then the Officers. Thanks again, be well, and stay safe out there
I think you're going to find that most departments are going to have some sort of combination where either
a.) officers only have radios and extra radios are on rigs
b.) officers have radios and anyone else can have one, but...

No matter who has radios, no matter how many there are, it's what it is being communicated that matters most.

If you have this guy over here chattering about water supply and s/he is taking the air over the interior crews, then that's a serious problem IMO.

I also think that if non-officers are going to have radios, they really need to have some training and/or experience using it. There's not a firefighter on this planet who has transmitted a message with high anxiety during their first incident(s) where they were in charge.
Hey Dustin, Thanks once again for responding to the discussion.Your right,
we do have the same SOP when it comes to using two way radios. Thanks
again, be well, and stay safe out there Brother.
In my department only the officers have radios. We carry radios on the trucks to grab and go on scenes. I think having every member of the department having one would be a cluster. Not everyone needs one to talk on a scene. But having one radio per team is good. We have a total of 8 radios for a 30 member department.
we are a VOL dept and all members are issued pager radio's . It works great if you are close to the scene you can give a size up . Many a time we have been signal 9 ( not needed } due to the person on scene . This also is a benefit for anyone trying to lower their ISO rating as you don't have to keep any truck radios . If everyone already has a radio than no need to buy pagers also .
Hey Shaun, Thanks for responding to the discussion. I have to disagree
with you as far as everyone having a radio would be a cluster. I beleive if
everyone had proper use of the radio, it would work out well. You never know
if you will be left alone, even if it was for thirty seconds, or if the person with
the radio didn't hear what was said. I always feel as if a radio is a life line to
know what is going on at all times. Again this is just my thought, and as we all
know, Safety is Number One. Again thank you for adding your comment.
Be well, and stay safe out there.

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