How Many Departments Still Use 10 codes? Can You Talk to Police on Your Radios?

We were taught not to use 10 codes. Are dispatch still uses them to talk to PD so alot of our pages they use them. I know a few 1070 1050PI or 1050PD stuff like that. But it throws me for a loop at times. I feel like an idoit asking for the meaning on the radio but I do ask. I thought I should learn them But was told no by a chief officer on are department. He said they should not be using them anymore. We don't even have a up to date list anyway.

I did not think to be NIMS compliant they could be using them at dispatch?

I thought it was suppose to be Plain Language has something changed?


While on the radio subject we can not talk to any police dept. They did not want there talk groups on are radios. This is a sore spot with me. When paged we are all suppose to go to a tac channel. But the LEOs don't, They say they can't hear if another LEO calls for help somewhere else. We have to relay though central if there busy it takes time. I believe this will get someone hurt or killed someday praying I am wrong.

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Have you got a vector, Victor? How's our clearance, Clarence? Roger, Roger.
Acording to nims we don't use ten codes but then the dumbasses came up with Mabis box alarm codes 
The 10-44 code is still used around here occasionaly. I once heard a dispatcher pass along the following radio traffic,"Engine One, we have a 26 year old male threatening 10-44 by phone..."

Now did that mean he was CALLING 911 to threaten to off himself, or was he planning to bash his brains out with the receiver?
And don't call me Shirley.
Man We use plain english the only time we use ten codes is when filling out the fire report police still use them though but definitley need to go to plain english
Both the police and dispatchers still use them here. They don't use them for EMS calls only Fire and Police. EMS still gets the best description they can, normally we do too. It ranges from respond to 1160 Blank St. for a 10-70 Structure Fire. Then sometimes they will call it as respond to 1160 Blank St. for a 10-70 Structure Fire for smoke showing from the roof and attic, everyone is out of the residence It depends, but it's always 10-something.

Actually as I'm looking at my sheet now they still use alot of them. I have the most important ones taped to my radio in case I need them. When we are on scene we don't use them at all just from dispatch do we ever get them. Here's the ones dispatchers still use, and I've taken them all into a fun lil encounter:

Dispatch to Engine 1 respond to a 10-90 at a building on "blank" St. caused by a 10-50 into a building possibly have a Signal 7 along with 10-73 coming from the engine, Going to need a 10-52 on scene have a possible 10-44 as well.

Engine 1 to dispatch-going to be 10-76, can you 10-9 that address again.

10-4, going to be at 1160 "Blank" St. 10-12, Engine 1

Dispatch to Engine 1 you can 10-22, 10-22

10-4 dispatch, Engine 1, 10-8, 10-76 back to quarters.

Hehehe can anyone translate? If you can I'll give you an angry cookie, cause if I got this over the radio I would be one helluva angry cookie. BTW this is just fire-dispatch side, police still use alot more than us.
So instead of saying 10-4 we just say, YEP I don't think so.
We've never used 10- codes. We've always said, "message received" which is what 10-4 means anyway.

Although I will admit when I first got out of the Army, I said "Roger" more than a few times!
Our county uses plain english across the board for Fire, EMS & LEO. The only exceptions are the State Troopers who are assigned to our county who still use 10 code's.

Fire, EMS & LEO all have each others frequency programmed in their radio's in the event of a mass casualty or one of the frequency's goes down.
Our county fire service use to use a code for MVA with injury that the police also used. Signal 9I. A member of our dept tried to say it over the radio and said 9 and I. The police still use signal codes for everything they transmit over the radio.
We have used M.O. for mental observation O.B. for in labor transports.
We used Priority 1,2,3 and 4 for emergency transports 1 being the highest and 4 for no transport or DOA.
Now we are using A,B, C and D for Priority codes which seems to have gone in reverse of the first so D is the highest.
Then we have Trauma Code A,B,C, and D for getting a helicopter transport. This goes opposite the other.
Now there is a code for who transported a patient V for volunteer crew which I have heard used over the radio.
The only ones right now who talk with the police are the fire investigators because they have both radios in their cars because they are law-enforcement officers too but there are some areas where stations have town police radios or city radios in their units along with the county radio and mutual aid radios for other counties.
This will soon change and there will only needed to one radio along with portables for the crew to contact any county or dept around us becasue there will be a trunking system to connect everyone and all agencies.

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