Simple question that has the potential for many different views. When connecting electrical equipment to electrical extension cords, how do you accomplish this task? Below is the general method with a simple safety built into the attached electrical cords. Is this how you do it?

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When connecting straight pin cords (house current) I actually pull more slack, then tie a square knot, leaving enough length that connecting the plugs doesn't put any lateral stress on  the plug's connection to the cord.


Most of our cords are twist-locks, which don't require a tie-in at the connections.

This is about right.

Didn't have a graphic to illustrate this but this is close to what I've used with the exception of tying a figure eight knot instead. Old habits die hard.

I prefer Jack's way. It doesn't put as much strain on the plugs. I wonder though, if it makes any difference what color the cord is. (He says with tongue in cheek)

Orange for supply

Black for device

Yellow for boombox

White for coffeemaker

Green for xmas lights (ambiance)

Blue for phone chargers

Orange-Blue stripped for Misc.

Brown for exterior use only

( ̄ー ̄)

Color? I'm wondering if it makes a difference if its a female or male cord? would the colors stay the same? would they perform the same?

Straight cord, no knots. 12 gauge cord with firepower plugs.

Of course, one also must take into consideration whether one manufacturer holds a knot better than another.

Another vote for Firepower.  No need for knots or holders.

It floats too!

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