Recently my county has made all of us vol. firefighters fill out paperwork involving applications to be considered a part time employee and w2 forms as well. I understand this is nationwide. I was wondering if any body else is going through the same thing. Thanks Lt. Hayward D Pack Jr Pinewood fire dept.

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We weren't force to, it was part of the paper work when I joined the dept.
silly question why?
how can a vol be a employee?
No, at least not yet....and to answer a Brothers question...even as a Volunteer we are considered "employees" as a way to be covered by insurance in case of injuries....For example if I am injured in the line of duty...the village pays my disablity (the same amount as I would receive at my job) until I am able to return to work....Paul
Paul you beat me to that line….Now this came up the other day, vol dept’s with large call volume that pay a stipend per call plus they had what was called a clothes allotment per month put their total(entire dept) pay amount over 20 grand and are being forced to take out taxes and pay unemployment insurance, we had a long discussion about it, this is what his accountant and lawyer are saying. Maybe something has changed, but we use to just send 1099 to the ones that make over $600 and for unemployment insurance, you have to be a 40hr employee for over a month, this is how a lot of min wage jobs get around this by only allowing 35hrs per week, considered part time.
Yes, our town has even went as far as make us sign 1099's,W2s,w4s. They said it is what the auditors of the city said we had to do or not be a VOLUNTEER on the dept. We are classified as VENDORS if you can figure that out. Myself and my wife have been members for 17yrs and resent the fact that you have to pay taxes on being a VOLUNTEER and giving your time. The city gives the firemans ass. $12,000 for run money that goes to the people running the calls for expenses in gas, etc. It totals out to $5 a call. We total about $1400 between us for the year because we run the majority of the calls in town. None of the other stations in the county are having to do this. We are currently trying to get an insurance policy for the volunteers which will be $6000 for coverage for 25 members and well that seems to be what the city was wanting to do any way to cut back on giving some kind of money support to its members. The only coverage we had would have been through workers comp so this will be good for that as we have only had 2 people injured in all this time. Its all political and money budgets. We used to get 18cents a call years ago so its not the money, but we should not have to pay taxes on it. This is a good Question to get brought up good thinking.
ahhh i see why then
we are lucky in nz we have what they call the accident compensation authority which is a no fault insurance that covers everyone no matter what they are doing be it work or sport up to the point of death.
on top of that we have the united fire brigade association which holds a insurance policy on all ffs in the event of a fatality to be paid to the family
We havnt had to fill out any kind of tax forms yet. Not sure if/when we will have to. I've read the responses and still dont really understand why it has to be that way. My dept. still offers insurance/benefits for LODD/injuries and workmen's comp. Can someone please explain this to me like I'm a two year old so I can actually understand lol
A lot of it depends on how the city/county attorney interprets the issue. For FLSA, I used to be allowed as a career firefighter to volunteer in my department as long as I didn't do the same job: I am an engineer, therefore I was allowed to man a hose on a structure. Attorneys changed and that went away. I was forced to resign from the volunteers. Signing W2 paperwork might be worth running across a labor attorney's desk just to see if it's necessary. It is kind of a bite to volunteer your time and your gas and be charged taxes, but... welcome to wealth redistribution. Stay safe and watchful everyone!
No; but we have a state program that may re-imburse for specialized training.
That is done with a 1099 form; not a W-2.
I thought a W-2 was the form that you got at the end of the year stating your income and the taxes taken.
Are you talking about a W-4?
I have not heard of this (yet)
And I don't think it would be a nationwide thing.....but you will have to do whatever your jurisdiction requires
We are a "paid on call"/volunteers and we get a 1099 every year at tax time. If you get any reimbursement for running calls you have to pay those taxes. That's just life!

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