You all know how important it is to meet the financial needs of the Department. We are having to go to outside resources to do so. Which include community involvement, by means of fundrasing. But sadly some do not have the same creativity as others to do so. Getting a satisfied turnout is the other hard to face reality. So share what your Department does, and how its helped you. Is fundraising becoming a thing of the past?, or should we change up our ideas and think of new ways to monetarily get the support we need.

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We use a program that takes used printer cartridges and cell phones. I cannot think of what it is called. But we make a decent amount every quarter. We have drop boxes at all the local business' and we get pretty good turn out. Plus we do car washes and that kind of thing.
I was looking into the reflective address signs. Sell them for between $15-$20 each. They cost you about $10 each.
gaming tournaments i think is a good fundraiser my co/ just had it first mad $300 and are having another one but diffrent way its a overnight even and 20 bucks to get in than were gonna sell food drinks and energy drinks we have an outside co. tht offered us $375 cash and 25 % of the entrance fee and we kepp full 100% from food so its gonna be great and its costing us just to power old bingo hall
A ziti night is a good start everyone likes pasta and it dosent cost much, if you have a member who makes a good sauce they can make a double (or ) triple batch and freeze it, otherwise you can go to local restraunts and ask for donations for the dinner, or the old stand-by jar sauce and tweek it a little.
BBQ Cook-off is a great money maker. In South carolina we have the SC BBQ Assocation that helps conduct BBQ cook off. There other nationals thatyou could contact. Kanas City BBQ Asso, MIM. AS a cooker our team perfers to cook in cook off that helps a fire dept. example: you cook 200 boston butts that sell for $30 each you should clear Approx $4,000. Not bad for a 2 days work
We are having a Quarter auction (they are bringing good money at other companys) this is our first one. We have our holiday ticket drawing which is our biggest money maker, pork and homemade sauerkraut dinner, chicken bar B Q, community days at the park, just had our easter flower sale which we run for 3 days but sold out our first time ever on day 2.
we have some good fundraisers:

Chicken BBQ
Car Show
Annual Carnival which is 4 nights...

we use to do pancake breakfast but it was difficult to organize it so it wasn't the same time as any other pancake breakfast on the area. Man power for the breakfast was an issue also. The other 3 are good for raising money though...
You can have a beer festival. Theres alot of work to set up but the returns are great. I reseached it and figured it would cost around 18 to 22,000 and raise 36 to 40,000 depending on sponsorship. Of course this works in more populated areas. If your interested hit me at I think i still have the paperwork. We didn;t do it because some of the older members were scared of the numbers.

Also Concerts, gospel, oldies things were theres not alot of security needed. Some churchs hee in Wilmington have gospel concerts and charge $20-$25 PP and get 3-500 people. Cost with advertising and talent is around 2-3,000.

Also one thing, get the younger members involved. Let them do one good fund raiser themselves.
Any relation to me...Craig Moyer of the Delaware and formerly North Carolina Moyers...;o)
All the ideas are GREAT!!!! I would like to see more fundraisers within our communities. And with all your suggestions, there is no reason why it can't. I will be using almost all your ideas at our next meeting to see what would stick. Thanks for the input. KEEP EM COMING
cornhole tournament.....we made over 300 dollars saturday with ours and had a really good turn out.... get your local junk yard to donate a semi beat up car and let people but tickets to hit it, you wouldn't bel8ieve how much money that will make... we also rent a carnival style dunk tank and a dollar buys 3 balls to throw. just some ideas
Boot Drives..our next one is with a BBQ dinner
We Sponser a Horse show every year...the arena lets us keep all profits made
Car Washes
Davis Haunted Trail every Halloween
Were gonna do a open house and ask for donations
Thinking about a Lawn Mower race IDK we got some ideas

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