When I started 30 years ago our engineers did minor maintenance on our engines. Now the guy we have favorite words are, "get it towed to the dealer" I understand things have changed since then but are there engineers that still change the oil and stuff?

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Luckily we are part of our county government, so the county's fleet services division handles our maintenance. That wasn't always the case though, as I can recall one of our members, who ran the repair division of a large trucking company, fixing some of our equipment.

I fully understand that with budgets being what they are that we have to save where we can but I would put a priority on having anything relate to braking or pump systems done by a certified repair facility.
NO the liability issues are enourmous. IF Joe blow FF works on it and something fails they are liable. Put this burden on an outside source. Not your own PPL!!
We send ours out for al the major work but do the minor stuff like oil changes, fuel filter changes, and adjusting the packing on the pumps we do in house.
In my county there are many stations that still change their own oil, but I personally think that we the fire fighters shouldent do to much work under the hood, simply because that truck is a life saving device and very few if any Vols. are trained in diesel mechanics let alone know the inside workings of a fire truck and we want a professional to work on it rather than have a bunch of ho hum guys trying to reattach this and put that back together or to change that out because if we mess up then that truck is out of commission and then we are either half way to a call or in the middle of a house fire and something go wrong that and most of the time the trucks are still under warranty when they break down
No are town has its owen maintance department but we do the the checks if it needs fluids we do them
We have a young guy that does a lot with vehicle repairs and so far he has done just about everything that could be needed to be done(He is a really cool guy and deserves more than just a pat on the back). I don't think we have had to send any of our engines out for anything in a long time.
We are fortunate enough to have a chief engineer who is also a professional fire apparatus technician. He travels all over the country working on fire trucks. Hell, he may have worked on some of yours, no joke. Anyway, the bad part is that he is gona alot during the week due to his job. When we need something done though, he is definatly the guy to do it.
We do minor maintenance (Add fluds, Change Light bulbs, etc.) All major maintenance is done by our Heavy Shop
here at my dept we dont have any engineers they got rid of that position so we just try to do it ourselves. i was an engineer at my former dept. and here they are to used to not haveing one so we just send it out
We do all of the preventive maintenance like changing oil and filters. We also will change batteries, alternators and other basic stuff. We have a member that is a certified mechanic and runs a shop fixing commercial vehicles so he does all the major stuff unless its under warranty then we ship it off.
we do not do any of the heavy maintenance just check the fluids ect
I but most of my dept maintenance. We only send out major engine or tranmisson work now. We will still sent out major things. The thing to make sure all work is in line with NFPA. I know that bits but?? look at Boston MA.

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