I had a thought. Has anyone ever thought it would be a great idea to have a swiming pool at their station. Water exercise is said to be great for some people. Training exercises like water rescue could be conducted at the station or practice drafting for engine opertaions. I don't think a Olympic size pool is required. Maybe a small inground pool, or above ground pool. Now there is a single style swiming pool that creates a current so that a person can swim against it but can beable to stand up when they stop swiming.

 Now maybe some stations might be near a city park where the city pool is nearby.

The closest my station had to a pool was a neighbor behind the station who invided members to swim in their above ground pool years ago.

We did training one night at a county owned pool in our station's area which is two miles from the station which involve pool employees showing what they will do before we arrive to remove a swimmer from the pool and what we would do when we got there.

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We thoght about but insurance and regulations killed it,how do you keep the public out if the pool is on public property. Anothr point was how do you make sure you supervise the use of the pool if nobody is at the station. Then you have to figure out where to draw the line,try keeping your immediate family out and only allow f/f in then don't go home and once the family is in the public watch dogs will bark. A nice idea but we couldn't get it to fly.
Use the extra 2100 gal. fold-a-tank , set it behind the station and while filling it if the public drives by they think you are training , go refill the tanker by the time you get back the diet pepsi chairs and grill should be ready instant pool
Thanks for the idea we went with it at my vollie dept. and membership has really jumped up!

Seriously, I like the idea. A good low impact exercise for guys with bad knees like me too!
Where do I apply?
This is certainly out of the box thinking... I'm sure your membership has increased exponentially.
What about fire depts connected to beach resorts where the crew gets on the units for some beach training for responses for emergencies on the beach.

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