I just had the idea to possibly start awarding ribbons and medals for our firefighters to put on their class A's and maybe B's. My problem is all I can find are military ribbons that departments are using. I am in the Air Force and many of our FD members are currently serving or have served. I don't know if I feel comfortable using military ribbons. Does anyone know if you can have custom ribbons made up?

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Yes, you can have any medal made up, couldn't tell you the cost though. Our dept uses Blackington for medals and ribbons.
And the Winner is? Jack DNT, for his "What I care about"
Being ex military, (Air Force) I understand your reluctance to use military ribbons. Along with Jeff's recommendation, here are two other sources to check out.


I have myself used National Medal Of Honor because they have more selection for fire and ems items. They have even made bars or ribbons that I said were needed like a Firefighter III bar for training. I wear a patriot, life member, fire and ems training bars and years of service on my class A uniform.
Thanks everyone for the replies. My next question is- What do you do about members that have received the same award (FF of the year, officer of the year, etc.) numerous years? How do you do their ribbons? Or do you just put the latest ribbon on the uniform?
Hi Tammy,

I am also working on a ribbon and medal criteria. I will send you what I have drafted and the names of two companies that have medals that can be used that are not military ribbons and medals.
Email me at nrs5f@comcast.net and in ref. put medal info request.

Good luck.

Stay safe, train often and share knowledge.

You can add stars or numbers to the ribbon to signify the number of times the ribbon was awarded.

Stay safe, train often and share knowledge.

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I'll second that "lol". And move to adjourn.
Just try and keep it to a minimum, only give awards for things that actually warrant them. I have seen departments that seem to give awards for having the most awards. It makes the uniforms look pretty silly when you see a guy with a chest full of medals, none of which are meritorious.
The best site for fire and ems medals and citation bars is:

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