I live in a small town and run with a small vol. service.  We are allowed to carry jump kits.  As long as we equip them and don't get out of our scope of practice.  Anybody have any sugestions for what would be some useful items to put this jump bag? I'm an EMT-BASIC. Anyone that would help me out, I appriciate it. Thanks Brothers and Sisters.

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ok, thanks
You can also look on Ebay. I bought mine from there for 100.00 and it has pretty well everything I needed. Held up almost a year now. Not trying to push one particular company or anything but it is worth a look.
Airways,C-Collars,splints,bandaging,gloves,BP cuff and stethoscope,O2,CPR mask.
plus "write in the rain" notebook and good ballpoint pen, small flashlight and penlight, seatbelt cutter, shears, etc.
medical tape and 4x4s. The rest you can improvise.
My personal bag is a lightweight backpack I carry for mountain or woods rescue, so I don't have a lot in it. I carry a box of gloves, BP cuff, CPR mask, PulseOx, SAM splints, a lot of dressings, tape, alcohol prep wipes, 4x4's/other large bandages, space blanket, flashlights, 100ft of 550 paracord, few carabiners, glow sticks,small ERG, binoculars, and a knife. Next purchase I hope to make is for a D-stick, some oral glucose, and would like to get some OPA's and a nice handheld suction..

You also might want to check and see what your State says you can/can't carry in a personal bag/vehicle. In Alabama for example we aren't allowed to carry oxygen in our own bags/POV.

That's overkill...give me a roll of duct tape and I'm good.
I used to carry one of the Galls kits a smaller version that this one. They are good but pricey. If you put your own together, which I've done, I think less is more. Stuff too much in there and you'll never be able to find anything.
LOL ...... Really dont forget ducttape..... It comes in handy! My brother will tell ya that. He works for an ambulnce service.
I have had gym or travel bags with supplies I have gotten from my station or bought at the store or out of catalogs. Then I have a pro style medical backpack which I have gotten supplies from the station or bought.
I have also used fishing tackle and tool boxes as medical kits years ago.
One thing I did with mine was to separate everything into ziploc bags, and then label them with a sharpie. It helps to keep everything organized, plus there have been times when I have had it out in inclimate weather and the bags help to keep my supplies clean and dry.

Word of caution with O2, it is considered a medication and should have a presciption entailed, meaning unless your depts authorizes O2 in jump kits, then it isn't something which can arbitrarily be added.

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