I'm looking for some information or place to look for some free Elevator training.  We have 3 hotels in our area now that have elevators and I need to train my guys on what to do. So if anyone could help me out that would be great!

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Its been many years that I was able to take a elevator rescue class at the University of Maryland through Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute which was free and on the weekend.

Some classroom with hands on training.

I have not seen a class offered in sometime and not for free in years.

Have you checked with any elevator company to see if someone would be happy to teach the fire dept some pointers in elevator rescue work and safety.

Find out the manufacturer of the elevators in the hotels and go from there.  

Katina, check with the Hotels and find out who does their Elevator repairs and maintenance. They would be the most likely to be able to provide that training for you. Besides I'm sure they would like to know that you guys are trained to deal with situations with their elevators. Most likely its one Elevator company that handles all three.

FD Elevator Drill Photos: http://romboutfire.com/elevator_drill.htm  


2003 FD Elevator Training PowerPoint Presentation

Your best bet is to follow Ashfire and Chief Sharp's advice too make contact with the hotels that have the elevators to find out the manufacturer and who does the maintenance, or who would be contacted in case of an emergency. You should foster this relationship regardless.

In addition to making local contacts to update your emergency response information and pre-planning, continue to stay local and learn from larger departments around you such as the Shreeveport FD. No sense reinventing the wheel because they have already come up with training plans and information for training their firefighters. If you make contact with their training officer, or training division, I am sure they will facilitate your request for both training materials as well as possibly doing a training the trainer where you ask if you can team up with one of their engine companies undergoing the refresher training.



 It's Better To Prevent Than Lament...



BZY, you are always covering my Butt. Thanks for the back-up Bro. Your information and help is always first rate.

This is the way to go....do some reasearch on your own but ti never hurts to have the elevator company come out and give you a class, just remember there are several different types of elevators so no one class is going to cover them all, the elevator companies are a great resource but I would also recommend going to the occupancy on a low traffic day and getting the occupacny to allow you to use a bank of elevators in order to try out your Lock Out Tag Out procedures, phase 1 and 2 operations etc.


Good luck


Buy Elevator and Escalator Rescue Training from FireEngineering. I spent 19 years in NYC as an elevator constructor, and now work for North Naples Fire Rescue teaching in this field. I can tell you this book is full of very accurate information, and is a must read for all your people. As for free classes, you are on your own. Elevator co's are reluctant to have a local mech. give classes due to liability, but worth a try. Good luck.



If you want to put together an awareness level program, then feel free to use the information in the attached manual. 


And to echo what's already mentioned, catch the company who is servicing the elevators and ask if they can provide some type of training. Never hurts to ask.


Also, if you have a good relationship with the service companies, they may also be able to hook you department up with some elevator keys for free.




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