Do you take a line in or just forcible entry tools?

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Exactly. They are an excuse for the department to cut staffing.
When I went to fireschool , we took a hose line in with us. We are a small vol. dept & depend on mutual aid [tankers] . I am not going in without a hoseline.
I think I would go even though I had no hose line, take the can and go.
That is a mean jab, there are a lot of department in Europe and Canada that do the same amount of interior fire attack as we do. Don't speak if you do not know.
That is exactly what they did to us ten years ago, closed 3 two rig houses (engine and truck) staffed with seven and put in three quints staffed with four, 9 less FF's on duty just like that.
Make sure you ask the right question, "does the ladder crew search a building with or without a hose line"? I don't know how you got RIC in there, that is not what we were talking about. We are talking about fire attack and simultaneous search for trapped citizens. Engine doing the fire attack and ladder doing search, hose or no hose for the search team?
There are a lot of differences between how rural departments do things and how they are don on a city department. Different ways and different outcomes.
Our Department does not do any entry without a charged hose line.
We aren't properly trained because we enter without a hose line? You sound ridiculous. Look at an article just posted on here about the 3 rescues my department made last night in Washington, DC. All made by Rescue 2. Not one of them had a hose line. Instead of saying we aren't properly trained, I would actually say we are better trained. If you know what you are doing then it shouldn't be a problem.
I'm sure there might be a couple of places in Canada that might, just might, do primary searches without a hose line. As for Europe, don't know, and don't care.

Euro firefighting is a different beast all together. Mainly due to differences in building construction, equipment, etc.

Like capcityff is trying to say, a well trained and well experienced truck, or rescue company will perform searches without hose. That's where your more experienced people are, or at least should be.

An experienced crew will be able to read smoke conditions, and know how close we need to be to the seat of the fire to start our search, and move back from there.

Hell think about it, those who've ever did VES on a building did you ever take a line with you?
Entering a structure without a charged hose line is very dangerous and often very necessary. It's done on a regular basis in Philadelphia. But then, we are getting paid to do it.
I suppose "always" has a different meaning in the fire service! ;) You always do what you have to. If the building is untenable, then there are different calls to be made of course, but you always try.
My point was, it should be practice to always take a handline in to the structure, what happens if the only way to the victim is through the fire? So many what if's in this business, but it is Best Practice, to Always take a handline! :)

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