Do you take a line in or just forcible entry tools?

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Ben, we average 6 working structure fires per year. Honestly, I dont recall us having to do a rescue. Knock on wood! Isnt any reason to not prepare and train to do them regardless. I am sure the reasoning in big agencies with multiple crews functioning in many different roles works.
Hey Chief - does the S&R team bring in a hose, or are they working with an engine team?
Good catch!
That's an engine that wants to be a ladder and is severely confused on what it really is.
If conditions are that bad off, you don't have a viable vic and they can remain as evidence.
What is your priority? If it is search and rescue, you want tools, a hose slows you down. If you find the fire tell the engine where to go, and keep moving. Vent Enter Search is the fastest, safest and best chance for a viable vic. Get in and get out.
5. Truck driver, tillerman, bar man, hook man, officer.
That doesn't always happen though. There are times when a truck is on scene first and already searching before the engine shows.
I guess I just worded it wrong. It's firefighting, it's always dangerous. You got the point though.
For starters, don't spew stuff that isn't true. (Or ain't true, or aint troo).

Then you can work on spelling and grammar. Believe it or not, these 2 items will make a huge difference in what people think about you and your intellect.

Lastly, think about this proverb: Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
You're welcome.
Thanks for the info, chief. I apologize for not looking up your department profile, but do you guys run engines only, or do you run truck and/or rescue companies?

Also, what kind of structures do you protect, what population numbers, and what water supply?

All of those things go into how you operate, obviously. I'm just trying to get a sense of how your operations and tactical choices are affected by your department's and town's
"fire protection demographics".

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