Do You Have to be SCBA-trained and have FFI to Look For Victims in a House Full of Carbon Monoxide?

When I am 16 and 17 years old and my department has a call for carbon monoxide.Would I have to stay outside if they are looking for people inside?I was just wondering how that worked because it is not a fire.

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Travis do you have an idea of what carbon monoxide is and how it affects people? Your very statement in the post states " a house full of carbon monoxide." I'm guessing that that should be a really big clue for you. (damn my sarcasm font just will not upload)

If you are not qualified to use SCBA then you should NOT be going inside for a CO call, this goes to anyone in your department. As for when, or whether, or even if you are 16, or possibly 17 (you seem rather unsure yourself) you have no business going inside on any call, whether or not it is a IDLH environment. Your job is to go to school, study and pass all of your classes and then...perhaps working through your department, observe and learn the minimal basics of what firefighting is about.

So to answer your question, yes a person has to be 18 years old and have completed FFI (which includes not only the proper use of SCBA but proficiency in donning, doffing and knowing and understanding all of the parts of the pack.) before they can enter ANY IDLH atmosphere. Mmmmkay?
Travis...YES and YES!! As far as I know one cannot become Pack certified or Firefighter I until they are 18. Although there is no fire in the structure this is potentially an IDLH situation and requires FULL training and proper certifications.
Yes, I echo Jacks and Pauls statements from Oregon.
Travis go somewhere else!!!Your questions are gettin pretty old!!!!
It IS a hazardous environment...and if you want to breathe then you wear an airpack.....Don't look for shortcuts...they will eventually bite you in the ass......Remember dead is dead...there are no degrees of being dead.....Paul
Travis....As I said to another Jr. not too long ago.....go get me a gatorade.....Ideas and questions such as these are why Jrs. stay off the rig......Yes, you get certified and yes, you wear an airpack each and EVERY time......Paul
Yes. Carbon monoxide will kill you. If you don't have a pack on, you will just become another victim. It displaces the oxygen in your system and eventually you will feel sick and have one hell of a headache. Death is not too far from that.
Travis, Dude Really?? Do you know anything about the fire service other then we get to run down the road with red lights and siren.. Seriously dude worry about your school work.. And then and only then MAYBE take some fire classes.. But i agree with Ken worry about what soap to use.. Jr. Firefighters have no business putting a pack on and going in where the danger is.. You guys are not trained or educated.. Your lucky your department even allows Jrs. to be on scene.. And for the last thing Normally on CO calls the people are outside when you get there.. So from there you should really think long and hard about the next time you wanna post something cause come on really your questions are just plain ridiculous..
Guys come on. I know we may think his questions are rediculous but the kid is just tryin to learn. We all had to learn sometime. I agree that his school work should come first and foremost, no doubt about it. But is it really necessary to tell him to go somewhere else? Maybe he just wants to see how everyone else does things. I never had such a hard time being a junior. I asked some pretty dumb questions then. I daydreamed all day about being a firefighter, and trust me, my grades reflected that. Maybe his dept. isn't training him so he is comming to us. I don't know what the case is but he wants to know and learn. Did we not ask questions when we first started out? The older guys may have thought our questions were stupid as well but we didn't. As for the remarks about the soap, all of my guys do that job, including myself. Hell our Chief even helps with cleaning the trucks. Everyone is expected to work together from the bottom to the top. The guys that don't pull their weight often times will get something harder to do by themselves and an officer will check to make sure it gets done.
But since no one else wants to help the kid learn, I have sent him a message to ask me the questions he has so that it won't waste your time to read them and then reply in sarcastic and demeaning ways.

Stay safe all!!!
Travis- I've uploaded a sample of Carbon Monoxide below. Lean in nice and close, click on it repeatedly with your mouse and you should get a whiff of it from your USB port on your PC. If not, keep clicking till you smell, see or taste it....


When you've done that for a while, write back and tell us if you need SCBA or not.
Travis We have SCBA on our ambulances. Its not for firefighting but to be there for the ambulance crew if they are first on the scene of a HazMat incident to protect them and if they have to make a rescue before a engine, truck or rescue truck makes it there.
travis know your role stay out side .

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