I was listening to the radio yesterday when we got dispatched for a working alarm in the next district. Medic went on-scene with fire showing. Well later that day they were dispatched to the same house with fire showing.


About 15 years ago we were on a 3 alarm fire at a florist. My brother, assistant chief at the time told IC that there was still fire in the attic as most units had left and they were packing up. He blew him off and everyone went home. A Fire Marshall was standing by for the arson truck and fell asleep, (I could tell a hundred stories about him) and when he woke up there was smoke coming from the building. 5 minutes later he was yelling for a 2nd alarm before the first engine was out the door. Needless to say everyone that was on the first alarm was on the second. My brother made it a point to walk up the “former” IC and say “I told you there was fire”


In the olden’ days we had live burn training at the chief’s old house. Well in the middle of the night we got dispatched to the same house for a trash fire. Since I didn’t have a car and the house was two blocks away I ran to the fire. I get there and the fire is going pretty good. I didn’t want to embarrass the fire company but I had no choice but to radio in a working house fire. My first command as a captain which lasted 10 minutes until the deputy showed up and took over.


Has anyone else burned down a house or building twice


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I've never had a rekindle - but I have explained to a chief or two that the arsonist must have come back to finish the job.
I've been involved with a few instances like this over the years. My personal thought is simply, put it out right the first time. In today's day and age with the advent of the TIC and heat guns there is absolutely NO reason for any department to be getting called out for a re-kindle. Although a TIC is a pricey piece of equipment and not every department can afford one an inexpensive heat gun can be had for about $100. But of course the primary key is good training and experience, particularly in regards to your command officers. You need to have leaders that know their job and know it well not ones that are in a leadership role because they bought the most beer at the department holiday party. There is plenty of training out there. If you aren't able to go to a training center or have trouble because of work schedules in attending training, then read. There are tons of resources both in print and online. There is no excuse for an untrained leader.
No such thing as a "rekindle"
On a rare occasion they happen. In my 11 years I can only remember responding to one rekindle in my first due. Is it embarrassing? Yes. But sometimes, especially in very large fires, there's not much you can do about it... the fire is so deep seeded and buried under tons of rubble. (I.E. See the recent thread I started about Wendell August Forge, it rekindled).
"Rekindle" has 2 meanings on my quick search;1. to revive or renew;2. to relight.
99% of the time(my guess) meaning 1 comes to mind, face it you just didn't get it out. I have burned 100's of house sized brush piles, as much as 30 days after it went out I can take the dozer and stir the pile and get it to revive. Definition 2 would be Joe homeowner wanting a brand new house.
We had a rekindle a couple of years ago...not a house fire though...a grass fire!

Yup, turns out the darned fire had gotten into the base of some wooden electric utility poles and smoldered away until it burned almost through.

Nice :)
care to explain?
I've never been called out for an actual "rekindle." We have however, been called out to a brush fire, extinguished it, left the scene and then be called back for a smoke investigation. Of course there was still smoke coming from the area but no fire.
There is no such thing as a rekindle. Always soak the s_ _t out of the place so you don't have to go back at 2 am.
Since I've been here (13 years) we haven't had a major loss due to "rekindle." Happens to some extent to just about everyone at some time or another. I advise the property owner to keep a close eye on the place when we clear and call us direct when he/she sees anything. After structure fires we send a crew by about every three or four hours the first day to check on things. Like Ralph says, sometimes it's nearly impossible to get things completely out the first time. It's embarrassing, but it's a fact of life.
Wow. eihter we are bad firefighters or others are just that good. We had this one abandoned house years ago that "kept catching on fire" 209 Meadowbrook Ave. First fire was a small trash fire, 2nd was room and contents. Third was..well the chief and I were coming from a meeting. This guy walked up like nothing was going on and calmly said, "Ms Washams house is on fire" He said it so calmly I didn't beleive him until he said look. And over the house next to the firehouse you could see a red glow....I call it in but the chief disappeared. (he was getting geared up on the other side of the van and we couldn't see him) We rolled out with hevy fire showing. The bad thing was the crew that put out the fire was the ones who set it.

Not really a rekindle story but I guess you had to be there for the funniest in the story

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