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But there's a Chief! What more can he learn?! :-)
Wow... One question that comes to mind is, two chief officers there, and allowed to perform like that? One has to question the leadership and their thinking! Another thing to take in consideration is, and FETC correct me if I'm wrong, that the gas struts will launch at 350 degrees. Yes I know this car might of had hinges, just a reminder of the newer models.

They made it not only unsafe for themselves, but more difficult then needed.
The guy at the end with the ax, look more like his was taking his frustration out.. on the hood??
OK, just for the record, there is a neat little tool, small hook on one end, bout 14" long with a t-handle. Put in just to the right of center and hook the cable then twist and pull, hood pops right open.
How many monkeys does it take! is the first issue.. not wearing the proper PPE - MAJOR problem !.. How about a wizzer saw and just cut a triangle over the locxking mechanism and just eliminate the lock altogether if you cant get it ?.. You are going to destroy the hood anyway so it takes 2 cuts and about 2 minutes of your time. This method works well with cars that are a total loss also with any siutation
Everyone is being a bit harsh on these guys, clearly they were just trying to hold down the fort until the fire department showed up.
:-) I just choked reading that.....
scarey isn't it....? Not the situation but rather us agreeing.....LOL
What I see is a picnic lunch....there is a shit sandwich and everyone is about to take a big bite
Yes, we either cut the cables or disconnect them if they can be reached. We do this to disarm the airbags.
Gregory Borg? Well said!
must be this department doesnt enforce saftey let alone any kind of proper training..well said gregory borg i agree with you.

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