Curious to know what everyones call volumes are yearly. My station runs about 1500.

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We responded to 300. 200+ are Medical
ha ha yeah ours is up there not sure what it is but i can say that daily my 2 engine companies in my battalion are 5+ calls a day and that dont include the rescue companies and or all the other engine companies. the city as a whole i would say in upward of 20+ calls a day
195 or so last year but average 60-80 per year. last year we had massive fires so we were running up to 10 calls a day for nearly 2 months straight
200 for my full-time dept. (airport)

6,700 for my part-time dept. (county fire)
I run with 2 volly companies. One has about 150, the other has about 300 a year. When I talk to people about
call volumes and they are higher than my companies. Just for laughs I make the comment that our fire preventation program is better than theirs.
Station runs about 600, Dept about 6000 a year
John, you should send a representative to Bridgewater, ME. Our fire prevention program has us down to 10 - 30 calls per year!
My volunteer department runs roughly 300 yearly, mostly medical. As of Wendesday morning we where at 168. If it tells you anything about our call volume, we ran 13 calls in the past 11 days. Around here that is considered an unusually busy week.
About 170,000. I think we are at about 110,000 so far this year. My engine company had about 5500 runs last year. The busiest had about 7000(second busiest engine in the nation). Busiest truck was about 4500 I think.(Third busiest truck in the nation)
My Dept. does about. 200,000 a yr.. 400 + Working fires.
we run about 1600 to 1700 a year just in rescue right now we have almost 900 for the year
Call volume for a station or department is one thing. But how many did you actually respond on?

Station 4100 for the year. 2800 medical / 1300 fire /

Personally I did 711 of them.

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