Does anyone watch this tv series on FX? And what do you all think of it?
I know i cant get enought!!! lol

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Love the show - but will NEVER EVER watch it again if he drops the baby!!!
This is an AWESOME show! I sometimes hear people say that it shows Firemen in a bad light, thats crap. The CHARACTERS on the show, collectively represent people in all of the Emergency Services. It is a well written show amidst all of the other crap TV out there. What ever happened to the Firehouse show on Discovery?
I guess the show on discovery was to "real" and not enough "characters" for people to watch. Ha ha ha

In all seriousness I read that the show recived poor ratings so it was yanked. It sad I really liked that show. The same thing happend a few years ago with the show "The Bravest".
Was the show on discovery about the boston fire deparments? Or is that something else?
This seasons a little boring , but i still keep watching
Yea it was called "Firehouse USA" and the first season was supposed to be all Boston. If the show was succesful they were going to go around the nation and pick a different FD to follow. To bad it never caught on. It was a "REAL" FD show that showed what the job really was. There is a webshow on now called "The Battalion" and that follows the San Fransisco FD its ok kinda cheesy but a real FD show.
I love the show and I do not like shelia .
Love it, but would "love it more" if they did a few more jobs on the show. The rescue of the dead family paralleled a call in NYC this year. Nicely done, but needed more time. I'm hooked and so is the station. God Bless the old VCR if there's a call here.
I love that show. Cant get enough of it going to go and buy the dvd's for it. Dennis leary and the rest of the cast ate good at what they do.
They could not have found a better cast.
If Dennis were a real firefighter, he would have been fired a long time ago. Drugs, alcohol, and all that other crap that they show him doing on the job and off is crazy. No way I want to be riding the seat next to him.

It really is bad Public Relations for the fire service everywhere. I know fire fighters are only human but humans get fired for drinking before or during working hours.
It's got to be one of the best shows on TV. I love it!

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