These contractors just completed putting in concrete and steel barriers to prevent parking on the sidewalk in front of a bar.  How long do you think it will take them to notice where they parked their van?


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thought you would get a kick out of this Heather
i was laughing so hard I almost wet myself

i am so easily entertained ;-)
Not to rain on the "point and laugh" parade, but it looks quite probable to back the van out between the 2 posts on the end. It will be a tight fit, but the widest part of the van, the mirrors (which can be folded in) will just clear between the two.

Still is good for a laugh, and goes to situational awareness, but is a easily solved problem too.
SO Crabbe - are you trying to tell us this is a picture of your parking job?

completed now with detailed explanation...?

then again - you could just go get lunch while it dries and then come back and get your truck ;-)
or call the FD for extrication support for your confined space rescue - ROTFLMAO
No, I'm just looking at the broader picture and doing some problem solving. May not be the best park job, but reality is we don't know the before picture, nor what work was actually done at this point.

A quick measurement between the mirrors of the van (widest point) and the posts mentioned, there is some clearance. Given the fact you ca see the squares of the sidewalk area and they look similar to the dry squares towards the top of the picture. One can ascertain the wetter looking stuff isn't new concrete, but more perhaps a grout type of job. Also considering we don't really see fresh concrete, it can be assumed that the ground will support the van to back out.

Hey, just looking at things in a broader perspective here.
If all other fail call for a crane and lift the van out.
I don't know. They may have to grease the sides of the van to get out!
It will definately be tight, but my highly scientific, hypothesis theory, of measurement control, calculating the radius of the diameter, of the spherical volumatic, square area, multiplied by the linear footage, and taking the square root of pi......tells me the van will fit.

(OK, actually, I just took a piece of paper, marked a line on the back of the van, and checked the distance between the fit between. I then took the widest part of the van (the mirrors, which can be folded in) and checked the same, it fits.....barely.
Hummmm? Must be OSHA workers on their day off jobs

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