I am a really big American LaFrance fan . The one on my pics is a 2001 American LaFrance Eagle Series Rescue/Engine . My second favorite would ba a Pierce Dash

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I like KME, E-ONE
The Quantum is a sorry excuse for a chassis we own 1 here and the handleing sucks and She has been in the shop more times than i can count for pump repairs P.O.S Hale but most of the time it was the peirce service department. I like ALF we looked at them when planning our new engine (but instead bought the Quantum)And as far as your ALF problems 1. THE PUMP MORE THAN LIKELY OPERATOR ERROR OR ITS A HALE (LOL). 2.TRANNY IS A ALLISON PROBLEM NOT ALF. 3. BRAKES ARE THE AXLE BUILDERS PROBLEM. 4. JAKE BRAKE IS ENGINE BULDERS PROBLEM NOT ALF.
If you would work in Russia to you it was not necessary to choose and argue that. We are content with that is.
It is very glad for you and your engines.
As an ARFF guy I primarily work with Oshkosh but I would have to agree with you, I too have always been an American LaFrance and Pierce fan.
E-One, Cyclone II . Second would be Pierce Arrow
Im a Pierce fan although we don't have a Pierce in our fleet. Our Spartan is a great engine a real work horse.
I am partial to Spartan Gladiators with Ferrara boxes. In a past life I was fortunate enough to chauffer two identical rescue/engines on Spartan Chassis! Gladiator FOREVER!!!!!!!
Well right now my dept used E-One, which i dont really like to well just because im am always fixing problems with them. Mainly electrical issues, but we just ordered 2 more of them so i guess we will see what happens with them.

Lately i got the chance to play around with some Rosenbauer units and i have to say i was really really impressed. the engineering that goes into those trucks is impressive to say the least. They handle and ride like car, their urban interface unit i tried was awsome. The thing that impressed me was the pump and roll on it, you didnt have to stop the truck and shift a pto or nothing, just push a button and your off and running.

I also got the chance to try out a 100 foot platform, the controls were very very smooth and the truck had a great computer controlled stabalizing unit.

Its all preference though, our trucks would probably not work for many areas just like others trucks would not work for us. Just be careful and choose wisely, not just because the company offers you sweet deals and flys you to florida to look at the trucks for 5 days. (Wink WInk)

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