I heard that some vehicles now have a keyless ignition.You just push a button. I believe it was Cadillac. Is this true ??? And if so, have any of you come across this in an MVA ??? How do you turn off the ignition, are these Hybrids, etc ??? I know....I've been on a learning brainfart here lately, I get that way every now and then. We dont run alot of calls here, but I want to be prepared if needed. Thanks for any info.

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Like most people have said the on/off button will turn it off but we always cut the cables, just to be safe.
As with Keyed ignitions, CUT THE BATTERY! if the car is still running push the button to shut it off then cut the battery.
Ladies and Gentleman, this is like anything else we do. If you learn about the systems and how they operate, it eliminates a lot of rumors and possible "Chicken Little Syndrome".

These systems are not as dangerous some would lead you to believe. Keyless ignition systems contain safeguards to ensure that your car doesn't spring to life at the wrong time. According to Mercedes-Benz, (who pretty much pioneered keyless entry) for the engine to start, the brake pedal must be depressed with the shift lever in 'Park. Additionally, the key fob must be in the vehicle to get the motor running. Most other manufactures have the same safeguards.

My department handles these vehicles no differently than any other vehicle. We take the keys out of the ignition (if possible), chock the wheels, and remove the power source. Either by removing or cutting the Neg cable. On keyless ignitions, take the fob out of the vehicle and secure it in the apparatus.

Here is a current list of vehicles having keyless ignition systems. There may be more to come.

Acura - RL
Audi - A6, A8, Q7, S6, S8
Bentley - Continental GT, GTC, Flying Spur
BMW - 3, 5, 6, 7, B7, M5, M6, X5
Cadillac - STS, STS-V, XLR, XLR-V
Cheverolet - Corvette Infiniti - FX35, FX45, G35, M35, M45
Jaguar - XK
Lexus - ES 350, GS 350, GS 430, IS 250, IS 350, LS 460
Maybach - 57, 62
Mazda - CX-7, CX-9, Mazdaspeed 6, RX-8
Mercedes-Benz - CL, CLK, CLS, E, GL, M, R, S, SL
Mini - Cooper, S
Mitsubishi - Outlander
Nissan - Altima, Altima Hybrid, Maxima, Murano, Sentra, Versa
Suzuki - Grand Vitara, SX4
Toyota - Avalon, Camry, Camry Hybrid, Prius
Volkswagen - Touareg
Volvo - S40, S80, V50
Yes, and it is not just the top end cars that have these keyless ignitions. you should look for these ignitions in all classess of vehicles. I was told that if you turn the ignition off, the key fob must be a safe distance from the vehicle to "help" ensure that the vehicle is restarted. Also, some of these vehicle have capacitors that hold a charge whenever the computer reads a need for power even with the batteries disconnected and the vehicles turned off, so take the time to unplug cell phone chargers as well.
Just to let everyone know, its not a simple "push the button to turn off the vehicle". Regardless of the manufacturer...all the push button vehicles I have come across, and I have ran into the majority of the list provided in a previous post, you have to push down the brake pedal, and while holding the brake pedal down, then you are able to push the button to shut off the vehicle. Keep in mind when you're talking about electric cars or the hybrids, they are very quiet and you may not realize that the vehicle is indeed running. A couple years ago we had representatives come from a local dealership with 2 of the hybrid vehicles and go through them. May be a good idea to check into to find out where the cut off switches are located and what to stay away from.
i know cars are getting them but our heavy rescue is a keyless ignition. our engine has a master then ignition switch then start button same with our tanker. very new and upcomming
Battery disconnects can be difficult to do if the battery isn't accessible due to the car being rolled over, or the battery being located in the trunk, under the rear passenger seat, or some of the other non-traditional places we're finding them.

We need to be able to do extrications safety with hot electrical systems in the event we can't locate the batterey or disconnect it for some reason.
Its the amperage that will get ya. Hybrids hold batteries that have 300 volts, but the amperage is 3000 amps!! Never, never, cut through an Orange cable. Thats direct voltage from the 300 v. battery. I'm a technician at a GM dealership & the training we have to go through just to work on these things is unreal.
Cut the negative cable only. And I have never been taught to deflate the tires, I've always been taught that is a no-no.

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