Any know anything about this subject?? Know of any articles i can read to know the basics of a basic rescue and what to do on one?? thanks

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Contact one of your local elevator companies. They should be able to come out and do a class that is specific to the elevators in your community. They can be the best resource for this. While most elevators are either cable or hydraulic, there could be suttle differences that they know about. We have looked into this before also. We are fortunate that a local chief used to be an elevator guy as well. safe
Hey Brother,

I will be able to get your informaton Email me and I can help you. I teach Elevator Rescue for Delaware and respond on these emergencies about 3 to 4 times a month in the city I work.....There is a new book out from Fire Engineering on the topic. Has great information but some of the Pic s are hard to comprehend.
there is a company in ct that does teach this to fire persons . the company is call dargon rescue i think . awsome course we used it and liked got like 25 guys cert. in the class the guy who runs it is a ex elevator tech and now on the job . good luck
One great resource is usually the elevator companies . They will send someone to you to explain systems and operation of elevators..
We were lucky enough to have a lieutenant who also worked for an elevator company. He did a class on elevator rescue. I would contact your local elevator company and see what they could put together for you. It's good training! Stay safe!
I just finished a course at the Firehouse Expo on this. Email me and I will give ou info you need
You mean people actually get stuck in an elevator??
Yes they do, however the real problem is the ones that get stuck on escalators! LOL
it does happen and you need to know what to do when it does happen,
HI Steve,

Email me direct and I will assist you in getting info on this subject.

Here in Michigan we got lucky and actually have an instructor for the class. He gave a very good class on this type of event. They really are not as hard as people make them out to be. But this is after we took the class. If you have one in your area this is something that may come in handy some day down the road.

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