I was wondering to be hired by an Ambulance service, do EMT-B's need ACLS certification?? is it required? isn't ACLS stand for Advanced Cardiac Life Support?

Bobbie Jo

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ACLS= ALS treatments.

There is pushing of Drugs, and using a manual defib.

It helps to go through it to assist your Medic, but it is hard to actually understand.
I've been a basic emt for almost 6 years. It is not necessary to have acls certification, however there are certain things that you can do depending on your area to assist your paramedic (if on an als rig) as defined by standing orders. For example, as a basic here in the state of Arizona, I can assist my paramedic by spiking a bag of fluids and hooking up a patient to a cardiac monitor. I cannot however actually insert a catheter into a patient or administer any acls drugs.

Certain ambulance companies also have units that are staffed only by basic emts. They usually do non emergency transports.

In Jersey, they almost every bus is BLS. 911, interfacility. BLS.
Hello....Yes and no....Yes thats what it stands for and no as a basic you don't need it.....ACLS is for those that can administer medications....ACLS is a nationally approved protocol for dealing with cardiac emergencies....ie codes......Welcome to the family....stay safe and keep the faith........Paul
In the eastern part of PA, there IS an ACLS course for EMT-Bs. Held at LVH GEM-EMI, which teaches the basics and reasons of a 12-lead EKG, medication indications and reasons for administering different cardiac drugs, and pathology of an actual MI. It is not a required course, but strongly recommended if on an ALS unit.
In MA, it is very hard to get onto and ambulance service if you are strictly an EMT-B. Mostly, those who are BLS get jobs working for transport services, and run that all day long. Few rarely get onto 911 reponding organizations. I am one of those lucky few. But to be on that crew, I have to be PA certified, Which is basically what some of the folks here are talking about. I have to be certified sepretly to be able to spike bags, set up EKG, etc.
So to answer your questionis it required? no
If you wanna work on a 911 response crew your chances of getting on are much better if you do have it.
It is not a requirement for ambulance service to be acls. Certain ambulance agencies actually require at least a year working on a truck before becoming a paramedic.

Best of luck and god bless
As far as the standard ACLS course you don't need it and at least in Wyoming you can not get certified as a Basic. Alot of our Basics audit the class to better understand what we are doing when running a code and what we expect of them in assisting. It has already been mentioned, but there is an ACLS course for basics, and it will help you if you plan on going further into Paramedic or Intermediate levels.
No, Basics do not need ACLS. Anything that you do over and above your basic requirements are mostly for your own self. Some things are very interesting and good to know so you have an understanding of what is happening. Some of these you can't get in anyway unless you are an Intermediate anyway.
ACLS is for Paramedics, BCLS is for Emt Basics. The Paramedic assist course for Mass that was brought up is a quick 4 hr course....I have seen it done in 20 minutes....but it is not a certification, just a added course.
The one thing that is missing here....you cannot get certified in ACLS unless you are a paramedic. The only reason to sit in on an ACLS class would be for your own personal knowledge of con-ed.

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