My soldier, oh what can I say. I finally get to see him and it’s the most wonderful thing ever, words can’t even begin to describe how I feel. On the other hand, he is beyond ecstatic; he is in more of a blissful stage right now. Ask any soldier how they feel when they finally see their love after being apart for so long, nothing can describe it.
I love cooking him meals (anything’s better than MRE’s right guys?), cleaning his barracks room and yes, even his ever piling laundry because the tradeoff is even sweeter; the cuddling snuggling and, well, you know the rest. It makes me smile when he nuzzles my hair and takes in the sweet smell of me and my perfume, the way he wraps himself around me and refuses to let go, even when I desperately have to go to the bathroom, the way he looks at me even when I first wake up in the morning and look like a frickin train wreck, the love in his eyes even when I have no makeup on and look like a retarded zombie, the smile on his face when my shaka zulu hair is out of control, the passion in his eyes even when I think I am the ulgliest thing on the earth, and yes, even at night when I get woken up when he’s snoring like a grizzly, but you know what? I LOVE THAT GRIZZLY (smile).
I would do anything for my soldier. When he gets woke up from artillery fire on the range and he is in alert mode, I am able to calm him down and get him back to bed, safely in my arms, and back asleep snoring like a grizzly. His pains are clear, his wounds are deep but I listen when he talks because he is opening up a side of him that he won’t share very often. It means the world to me when he shares his combat experiences with me because that means he trusts me, trust I would never violate.
I will always love him, I will always be there for him and I will never leave him because he is my soldier and he is my world and the reason I keep going every day.
For all you girls out there that are lucky enough to have a soldier, hold him tight, give him kisses, value the hugs he gives because you never know when it might be while before you get them again. I wouldn’t trade my soldier for anything in the world, not even a million dollars.
What did I do to be so lucky to get my soldier? Doesn’t matter, he is mine and I am his.
He is my love my heart my life.
I love you baby…..

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