The time is approaching that has been dreaded since the inception of our country. The far right is fast becoming the controlling biases of our government passing laws regardless of the people who founded America. We are losing rights so fast that you don’t even know their gone. Smoking was practiced by our founders now that is rapidly becoming illegal even in our homes. The right to have guns is disappearing. The right to hunt or protect our homes or families at risk. The right to even travel with in our own states is being controlled. Even the right to celebrate Christian events are controlled in some localities. How soon till you become chastised for being an American our language is under attack even now. The very fact that you are now required to speak other languages to practice some forms of work shows how far this has gone. The right of free speech is more of a thing of the past. Your very safety is now a mandated law. Have a drink and you might be placed in jail. Smoke a cigarette and pay up to $1000 fine, run a truck for heat or a/c and face fines or jail time. And the list goes on and on every day new laws to protect us from ourselves. We even have laws to protect the unearned rights of illegal aliens that are more enforced than the rights of born Americans or legal emigrants.

God bless America may it survive the coming days for our children
And don’t forget the veterans who fought ,died and bled for you to have the freedoms you take away so freely

Kim E Decker

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Comment by Heather on March 4, 2008 at 4:08pm
I strongly agree with both of your statesments Kim and Kevin. I am almost ALWAYS shocked and disqusted when I turn the news on anymore and see what kind of shambles we have fallen too. Left or Right things are becoming Ass-backwards and some rights that we should never lose are impenged upon by both sides because of the "Correctness" we should put on for the rest of the world. I think its pretty simple to say, Politicians should clean their yards first, then get with us to decide how we would like ours to be done, and then maybe help the rest of the world. As for Smoking, Drinking Ect. didnt they do this in the 1920s with alcohol and it back fire? In my opinion, the government and their laws such as those can stay out of the house that I as an American work and pay for.
Comment by Kelvin L. Davis on February 23, 2008 at 5:17pm
I agree that we have gone to far in the Moral Majority. Which is proving every day to be less moral than they claim. Fallen pasters who have preached again sin commiting those very acts. Politicians who openly oppose gay rights, but want to have sex in the mens room with another man. I don't think I have to see products with both English and Spanish translations. If you want to live here, then learn English. Period. I don't know if the answer is more left, less right, more center or what, but I do know that it seems we are headed down a slippery slope. Why do we spend millions of dollars for foreign aid, when New Orleans is still in shambles? I have a friend who is a firefigher that sits at a school everyday since the school still doesn't have a working fire alarm system that will contact the FD. I just think we need to take care of our own first. Who died and left us to be the world police?
Comment by Captain Chaos on February 23, 2008 at 9:17am
I agree, in dealing with Government in general we, the Citizens, get the short end of the stick.

However, right leaning politicians are way less likely to infringe on the rights of the people.

I don't agree that "smoking, drinking and debauchery" have been Strongly encouraged by people over 21. I have never done so, nor did I have people try to convince me to do so. Just the opposite. More likely is to have people counsel you to not do those things.

I understand your passion, but it seems you are a bit misguided in it.
Comment by Kim Decker on February 23, 2008 at 8:31am
ok left or right i still feel we are getting the short end of the stick i have posted the following sign in my home in response to attempts at control from out side sources

Smoking , drinking and debauchery
strongly encouraged by
persons 21 or over
backed by 200 years of patriotic
service in the name of
freedom by members of this home

American revolution, American civil war, W W 1, W W 2,
Korean War, Viet Nam War, Desert Storm, and any others to come!
Comment by kel1985 on February 23, 2008 at 7:19am
While I don't disagree with what you say, I do take umbrage with the portrait you paint of the Right. Do a little legwork before you accuse the Right (read Conservatives). If you do a little research, you will find just as "Almost Gone" said that the left (specifically liberal democrats) are responsible for all that you have accused the right of.
ACLU (Liberal Group)- anti gun, anti religion, pro illegal alien.
If you want to know what the Right is truly about, look up the John Birch Society. You can also check my blog at: I try to update it at least weekly.

Be safe,
Comment by Captain Chaos on February 22, 2008 at 6:20pm
How far right are you talking, all the way to the far left? I tend to believe that our leftist/liberal friends are responsible for most if not all of what you've listed in your post.

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