I know there are alot of us out there, who have stories to share and just comments to make. So make them right here. Stand up woman this is not just a man's world anymore.

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I never ever thought of being a firefighter or emt. I was born and raised in the city got married and moved to my husbands small town that he grew up in. After we were married for a couple of years some members of the local fire department started showing up at our door asking my husband to come back to the department because they were low on members. He had been a firefighter for many years. He left the department before we started dating. Needless to say he started spending so much time at the fire hall that I never saw him. Then I was asked to become a member because they needed a new secretary...and so I did. I was perfectly happy doing that still had no thoughts of being an active member on the fire side. One day I was helping the crew get trucks ready for a local parade and that is when it happened........ One of the guys made a comment about females in the fire service, and what a shame it was. Then he had the nerve to tell me that was why I was secretary and could never hack it on a fire line.. THAT WAS THE WRONG THING TO SAY TO ME. I cant stand it when someone tells me that I can't do something, and that is all it took. The fire chief walked by me and said that he would take me and gear me up! And so the next day I went to the fire hall and got my first set of bunker gear.. From then I went on to become an EMT, and the department and fire chief secretary...
WTG, I have seen that problem many times thru the years. I started at a department many many moons ago and woman were just not heard of in the fire service. Our training officer was one who thought woman should be barefoot and pregnent in the kitchen. The things he would make us do would just curl your toes. But we few woman stuck together and out lasted him.
I know all the stories, I have lived through most of the same things that all women go through. I had to go and train with a group of firefighters almost 40 miles from my home to get the training and certifications I needed. I didn't tell anyone what I was doing and because I was single at the time, no one knew what I was doing until I was done, they just thought I was dating one of the guys over there. When I finished, they had to move me up and buy me a set of gear. When I got done, I had more "credentials" and training than any of they guys. It just so happened that one of the state instructors "adopted" me and got me into live burns and training the guys from my department just dreamed of. After a whole lot of proving them wrong, they have elected me into an officer's position and I believe they have some respect for me. I married one of guys from the class I was in and they love him dearly. We make a good team and they just scoot over now and let me have my turn at things. I did it quietly and just plain proved them wrong. It worked for me. I just hate it that we have to prove ourselves before they will respect us when all they have to do in order to get respect is show up and choose the men's room!!!!! good luck ladies! don't let them get you down!
WTg to you also Donna, It is tuff and I really like the part about the show up and choose the men's room real funny.
Hello out there Ladies! I am new to the group.


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