I have just started in the fire service I am currently a probie; I would like to be on the truck in the future. I would greatly appreciate any advice anyone could give me. Thanking all of you in advance for any feedback given.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond!

Cat :o)
Thank you for taking the time to respond!

Cat :o)
Learn ALL the basics and fundamentals. Become competent on an Engine Company FIRST, then learn and comprehend issues affecting building construction, roof systems, fire behavior, reading smoke and understanding how buildings react under fire conditions and how to "read" fire ground conditions...............
listen...work hard...gain and show some respect. pay attention to the guys(you know who they are) leading the way
in my opinion if your still a rookie you should stick to the wagon(engine) for a while and get a couple workin jobs under your belt first, then take that next step to the truck company. Because as a truckie myself i dont want to take someone who is just now breakin there cherry to the roof with me.(No offence to you or anyone else) just so that i know that you will be able to tell when its time to get off the roof and i know you will be ok.
Learn, Learn, Learn. If you are a probie on a paid department, you are being paid to learn. The engine and truck are two different things. On my department, during our probationary year, they tried to split our time between the truck and the engine. Ask your CPT or LT to see if you will be switching half way through your probationary time. Otherwise learn the basics. Plus give it time. If you are like me I want to learn everything now. However, pace yourself. You'll pick up more along the way. If you want a good text book to read try: Truck Company Operations by John Mittendorf. It is a good start for learning more about a Truck company and it's operations.

Stay Safe.
Take your time getting to the truck learn the basics and always listen to your seniour members.
i will agree with all that has been said learn your job ask lots of ? i tell all the new guys watch listen ask and learn
Got to agree with whats already been said. LOOK LISTEN LEARN and ASK QUESTIONS.
I agree with Chris Naum. A great FDNY deputy chief named Manny Fried used to say that the best chief officers come from truck companys. This was because the truck members in doing their jobs were required to know and evaluate all the aspects of the fire problem. The who, what, when, where and why of the structural fire (I more accurately describe these events as; confined space, hazardous materials events) that they are facing and trying to safely overcome.

Learn all your basics, this includes all the skills involving the engine and rescue companies. Personal safety and the communication, coordination and cooperation required in "our team sport!"


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