It just so happens our Captain is having sex with a Probationary FF, she is now a rookie, past the Practical and Final exams.  I believe the Officers should be held to a higher standard.  Thoughts?

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Woah....I completely agree that our officers should be held to a higher standard! How does that reflect on the department? In my eyes, poorly....
Are you saying that it's ok for a firefighter to be in a relationship with a probationary member?
WOW! Quite honestly i believe actions like those are giving women on the fire department a bad name.
Not only should Officers be held to a much higher standard (which is why they are officers in the first place) but maybe some respect and dignity would be nice too. Anything that goes on between firefighters should be kept personal - and not shared amongst the crew as much of a brotherhood as it is... there is a time when some people require a muzzle.
Now if it were me finding out about this on my own department i would definately get to thinking wether this other female firefighter is getting any other special treatment. I mean shes boinking our Officer for heavens sake.
firefighters are to be respected, well respected within the community and when your Captain is having sexual relations with a rookie firefighter is doesnt make him (or her) look very good on any level!

I would hope the chief is taking some sort of action towards this...
Maybe it should be like it is in the military. No fraternizing or else.
Turnig a blind eye to it, doesnt want to start anything i guess
NO I think that our dept is ignoring the issue
Chief is taking no action and so far no favortism but it is getting close to that, What happens if favortisim starts happening where do I go from here since the chief has no back bone
I agree but like I have been replying the chief has no back bone dont know where else to go.
A lot of FF have no respect for him or the chief, he is good friends with the assistant chief and he also does nothing
You dont know how divided, there are times when I hate going to the fire house. I am ashamed at that this is the greatest job ever and our officers dont care
Sadly I know what you mean Tim about a divided house and ill feelings toward being at certain stations. All too well, it's sad to see this happen because this is not why we signed up and this is not how it's supposed to feel....If your officers don't care, and your Chief won't step up is it perhaps time to file a formal complaint with the union board or commissioners?
We have neither as we are a volunteer fire house the only coverning body is the fire board and they wear blinders out house is a giant law suit waiting to happen.


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