Let me throw this one out there for discussion.  This one is more geared towards the volunteer side.  The pictures are from a bus fire that I was I.C. at and actually moved around as the IC/Ops.  Agree or Disagree.


Here are the basics stats: 1) 2 Engines intially on scene with a total of 5 personnel including myself.  2) While enroute we were told that it wasn't just a "vehicle" but a charter bus fully involved.  3) Called immediately for mutual aid to respond with a tanker and then once on seen called for additional mutual aid for an Engine Co. from the city/career dept which brought me an additional 4 guys.  Intially I didn't know there were only 2 personnel on the other responding engine from our Station 2.


Command post was the front positioned Engine Co. but I did move about throughout the incident but did stay fairly close to the command post for the majority of the time.  Open to all thoughts and questions.  Thought this would be a good one to throw out for discussion.


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From a foreigners point of view your ICS is very similar to our CIMS (Coordinated Incident Management System).

My helmet is off to you Tom for putting yourself out there and I hope the feedback you are getting is helpful for your development ............

As far as this incident goes, on a small scale incident where the IC retains the operations role then if you think you need to be mobile then you need to be mobile, as long as you have good incident ground communications. I think you made the right call ........... once an incident gets big enough to hand off the operations role (normally the point I get involved) then the IC should stay in one point, trust your people to do the operations and you have to take on the big picture over view. Looking at developments like traffic, public safety, potential incident development ..............

I am here to learn also and I have taken some lessons from you putting this discussion up, thank you. The comments above should be taken with that in mind, I am no C&C expert these are merely my thoughts and am happy to be corrected on my assumptions.

The biggest thing is EVERYONE went home safe and sound at the end of the job ........... well done
Thanks Brandon. This incident seem to fall into place at a right time for discussion in this group. I've learned several new things while being a member of the FFN. I do believe that ICS/NIMS is a very important part of the fire service and by sharing incidents like this we have the opportunity to learn. One of the key things I've learned when utilizing ICS/NIMS, you have to be flexible and willing to change your game plan when it stops working properly.

I see no problem in being a mobile IC on this incident.

On vehicle fires, MVA's and other smaller incidents, a mobile IC can be a good thing as long as the mobility does not interfere with the communication through the IC and other officers/personnel.

Tom, I think you did what you had to do in this incident and as Chief's, thats what is expected. In my company, a volunteer company, during the day, it is completely possible as I have done in the past, that as command you pull handlines, hook up supply lines and anything that will help your crews while running command. Running command can be more than anyone knows. The tactics, answering the radio, making decisions and helping the crew that will make you look good. I think at times being mobile is a good thing, espically short staffed it can be a must. Good Job!!!

Following all Tactics classes you are either IC or Ops, most calls don't need Ops unless there are many crews. As far as going Mobil at an incident like this doing a 360 then set up a command post is appropriate in my mind.

I agree with everything you did and with the other responses in regards to extra water and vehicle positioning. The only thing I might want to do additionaly is request some type of medical response to provide any transport or treatment if needed for the group that was on the bus and for your personnel on scene if needed. I also agree with you in your decision to be mobile. In a smaller incident such as this where you have limited personnel you can wear many hats initially (IC, Safety, accountability etc.) and you dont have the eyes of your other group/branch/division leaders to paint that picture for you.


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