Hey everyone!

I'm big into working out lately really getting into it.

I'm doing the Spartacus workout right now, it's not to bad, I may be trying the P90X soon.

I hit the gym as well, have some easy free weights at home.

My question is at the fire house, what do you guys do for working out?

I know a few good ones, getting a ladder out and climbing it 3-5 times, up down, 1.

Full gear minus air, jogging around the house or parking lot.

Getting old hose, using it as a weight.

Getting in gear doing a few push ups.

Open to any and all advice, I'm really looking for working out while it being fun, or semi fun.

I really like to pay attention to cardio.

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Here's some stuff you can do M,W & F. If your department has used tires off of apparatus's that arent in use anymore, there are a number of exercises you can do that can help you on the fireground.
1. Flipping one of those tires end over end...100' one way then back
2. 30 second break
3. Grab a sledge and smack the tire as many times as you can in one minute. (alternate swings)
4. 30 second break
5. Have a rope tied to another tire and drag the length of a preconnect (usually 150-200') as fast as you can one way then extend rope and pull tire back towards you hand over hand back to original starting point.
6. 30 second break
7. Jump on and off tire for 30 seconds
Rest for 2 minutes and start circuit over 2 more times for a total of 3 circuits. Make sure to stretch and keep yourself hydrated. Tues and Thurs go for a run, and rest Sat and Sun because it starts all over again on Monday!
Thanks! I forgot to mention that I might be getting a old tractor tire, that might be a little big to pull over hand but I'm sure I can find another tire.

Thanks good info!
A good drill we use to do at the firehouse when I first became a call firefighter was running a mini combat challenge around the firehouse.

We would start in just our station uniform and then have to put on full ppe and scba, then carry a highrise pack from one end of the station to the other and then up the stairs and at the top have to pull up a donut roll. At the bottom of the stairs you would have to pick up two saws and carry them the length of the firehouse to the back where you would then have to throw and raise a 24 ft ladder using the buidling, then lowering and dropping the ladder, then dragging a fully charged 1 3/4" line a certain distance knocking down a target at the end. And we would repeat this multiple times taking 5-10 min breaks in between to get some water.

Some would do it on air others would not, all depended on preference and if you felt like filling bottles that day.
Thats sweet thanks for the ideas!!!
Try the INSANITY workout! Nothing but your own body weight, but man it will get you cut & strong in about 8 weeks!

I do the insanity workout, and I hit the local 24/7 gym a couple-three times a weeks, dumbbells and leg presses mostly at the gym, and a run on the treadmill a couple times a week.

Thanks Ill check that out.

Just got a lead on a personal trainer, supposed to be good and hook me up with great rates.

Going to go talk to them monday see what they can do.

I did insanity on a dare while on shift not a good idea! Then had a rather large pt while still on shift. Lets just say it was a rough day. But it is challenging I enjoyed it!


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