Volunteer firefighters face the same daily suituations in fire attack, as the full time firefighters.
My question is "Why are we not in shape for the job we are asked to preform"?
First of all I am not pointing finger's. And yes I am a overweight young captain, with a volunteer department, that will probley never be on the fire attack side of this job. My position is more incident command. But my family still worries if I am being safe and coming home in the middle of the night.

I have found myself at the gym more durning the week. I have been walking and jogging more. I feel strong !!
But am I strong enough to pull myself or even my fellow brother's or sister's from the flames? I do beleive the answere is YES.

Are you strong enough to preform the task at hand??

Or are you a heart attack, just waiting to happen?? Firefighting is fast, strength, dangerous, demanding job.

So please help on this topic, give me some ideas, how do I modivate my volunteer department of men and women that don't have the extra time to workout? Our lives and the lives of others depend on them!

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There was a study done in Cape Breton Nova Scotia among men in their 40's who took part in a weekly hockey game. A large number of these men where having heart attacks. It showed that the sudden exertion put on their cardiovascular system by playing hockey made them 40% more likely to have an MI. Now look at the similarities between this group of males and say my fire department. Most of the front line volunteers are in their 40's. Look at the physical exertion put on a body through the act of fighting a structure fire. This is the reason why I decided to get myself in shape. I put enough on the line without adding being out of shape to the mix, just something to think about.
This is the best idea i have seen yet,when it comes down to it money talks.
Hi! This post has been on for sometime. What we recently did was have a Department challenge with other Fire Departments. It went fairly well.

i've already had a heart attack if you have seen any of my article on fitness recently posted you will find some charts for carb and protein

these charts are general for health and weight loss If you are diabetic you need to consult with a dietitian to help you fine tune the diet for best results.


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