What would the brothers think of having a patch for only brother mason firefighters? You have to be one to have one.

I know of and have collected several masonic fire patches off of e-bay over the last couple of years. But these patches are not sacred the can be bought by anyone and anytime, and most I would imagine are not brothers but purely collectors and fire buff's theres not anything wrong with that per se but over the last 34 years I have worked hard at training to be a good firefighter and leader as well as a good mason, Im Proud of Both, remember when you finished the fire academy and graduated remember when you were and entered apprentice learning and finally being raised to a Master Mason, I do and I would not changr those life experiences for anything. I pupose that all brothers think about this and remember we have earned the right to wear or own a Masonic Brotherhood Firefighters Patch which not all men can say they have.

Robert C. Baker

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That would be great I would love to have one. In another masonic firefighter group on this site a brother was discussing a masonic firefighter helmet decal.
Thanks for your input Lt., And I know this may not be the answer your looking for but , those brothers are being somewhat ignorant in demeaning masonary, and thats there problem. For you and I and the other masonic bothers on here know who we are, what we believe in, and who we believe in. This we learned as entered apprentices remember ( G ). As a past fire officer I believe if this problem was to continue, I might remind those that they are breaking the law with what is now from what you wrote somewhat harrassing in a sexual nature. This cannot and should not be tolerated by no one, yes I would remind them of that and the next sensitivity class I'd have them in it !!!. Hope that helps, now back to the patch idea, ya like it you say, thats great. I would like to hear from the other brothers on here as well, just to get a good idea of who's really interested. So I will count you and I as 2 for a patch. The helmet decal is a cool idea as well. Here's another idea we could send proceeds from the patch, to Right Care and Shriners hospitals for children, once again showing what we believe in.

Thanks and Stay Safe,
Bro. B. Baker
We were entered apprentices, then passed on to the degree of fellowcraft,then raised as master masons, those of us that have paid our dues and took the time to learn the degrees should have a patch and or decal, I was raised in 1978 and have absolutely no regrets and would be proud to show others that I'm a master mason.
Keep safe!!!
Bro. Dave Morse
Like the LT. said it would be great to have a patch and / or a decal to show our pride in being a master mason, and not only will it help identify members, but it may cause some to inquire about what the simbols mean and queston about membership. I also think that donating to the Shriners hospitals for children is a really good idea.
Alright there Brothers, The count now stands at 4 brothers for the patch or decal. Lets get some more feedback from the rest of the brothers on this question.

Brother, Bob Baker
I asked on the other masonic firefighter group site about a masonic firefighter helmet decal. I finally found a sticker that I was pleased with. Here is the site- (http://www.cafepress.com/masons.352723226). When I got it it was too big to fit on my lid so I had to cut it down to size. Concerning donating proceeds from the patch to Shriners good idea but we would have to make them up and sell them first. I am also a Shriner so I donate time and money already. Great ideas let's keep them coming. Pass it on qned let's bring everyone home.
Brother Peter, Glad to hear from you, yes I realize they would have to be made up and sold, so thats why I am hopeing other brothers will jump in on this first to see if there is a true intrest and second and once the intrest is shown design the patch find a reputable patch maker and then sell them to the brothers. Right now Im just fact finding. So are you for the brothers having their own collectors patch and would you be interested in one? Please let me know.

Bro. Bob
Count me in. The more we band together the better we stand. Anything that is good for the order is good for me.
Thank you Peter,

I will be glad to count you in and keep you advised of the progress, OK brothers the count now stands at 5. Lets get this ball rolling so we can start moving forward. Again Brother Peter,
Thank You for your input.

Bro. Bob
i would love to have one too.
please count me in
count me in also I think this would be a huge honor to have I personally know about four or five in the two departments that I belong to that would want one also
OK, there brothers the count for the patch idea is growing, the count is now 7 you all know to get the best pricing on these were gonna need at least a min. order of 250. So lets get the brotherhood interested. Hello there Loot, H and our new EMT-B/ Peter how's it going guys.

Bro. Bob


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