Currently my department is running 4 on trucks companies, (Officer, Driver, OVM Firefighter, Force Entry Firefighter). At the end of November, there will be a 5th person added to the trucks as a hook and canman, but that firefighter will more than likely get detailed out to other stations to cover vacancies to cut down on overtime.

What's everyone else staffing? Do you have ride and tool assignments?

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Wish I had enough (and consistant) staffing to do this. We have to figure assignments based upon the nature of the call and how many we roll out with (anywhere from 2 to 4). Gets fun being first in on a working job with 2 on and the next due is 4 to 6 minutes out.
We roll out with antwere from 3-5 on the truck.Each seat has an assignment. This of course varies depending on how many members show up for a call.
5 on a Truck..5th man floats out when all the other 4 are there. Out Ladders/Trucks only seat 4. Officer & #2 seat the one behind him are search. Engineer and # 3 seat are exterior (vent) If three then Officer and #2 do search engineer sets up does vent.
With 4 members:

Driver - irons, K12 or chainsaw
Driver's backstep - Denver tool, 6 ft roof hook

F/E and search
Officer - haligan, 6 ft roof hook, tic, box light
Officer's backstep - flat head, 6 ft roof hook, can

With 3 members:

Outside Vent
Driver - flat head axe, 6 ft roof hook
(Once OV is complete, the Driver joins the interior crew. If vert. vent is to required, all 3 members go to the roof and then go interior to complete the search and open up for the Engine Co)

F/E and search
Officer - haligan, 6 ft roof hook, box light, TIC
Officer's backstep - flat head, 6 ft roof hook, can

We run four on our ladder company, which is actually a 100’ quint. It is not uncommon for me to have a fifth detailed to my crew for a partial or full tour. Our pump is only for first due work. Every now and then we will secure our own water supply if the structure looks questionable, even if we are going in as a truck. We have found this eases the headaches of relying upon an additional company to supply our ladder pipe.
When we’re at four, I take the 6’ NY roof hook, pro-bar and TIC. My firefighter takes a set of irons and the can. On MFD’s and commercial structures I also take the WAS bag and hydra-ram. We then operate as the interior team. The driver sets up the rig. The OV does a lap with a hook, halligan and 16’ or 24’ ladder (depending on the structure) and meets the driver on the roof once their duties are completed. If we are going to utilize fans then the driver sets them up and the OV usually does utilities and throwing portable ladders if the RIC isn’t on-scene yet.
If we are going in as a quint, we operate solely as an engine…a very large engine…but an engine!
Pretty much the way we do it as well. The "guy that sits behind the driver", however, sits WAY behind him, in the tiller cab.
And I didn't even see that Colin had already volunteered our riding assignments...


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